Book review: The Effective Ecologist

The Effective Ecologist covers the stuff that no-one told you about at university – how to develop your office-related and business skills to succeed in your career as a professional ecologist.

This book shows you how to be more effective in your role, providing you with the skills and effective behaviours within the workplace that will enable your development as an ecologist.

It explains what it means to be effective in the workplace and describes positive behaviours and how they can be adopted. It contains the skills needed for effective communication, organising projects, advice on planning, reporting and meetings and provides you with everything you need for a brilliant and successful career.

In a clearly written and honest account full of real life examples, the author leaves no stone unturned as he describes how making small changes in your behaviour can have a positive impact upon your performance and how you are perceived in your working environment.

Essential reading for anyone commencing or already pursuing a career in ecology who wants to perform at the highest level. In addition this work will be of great interest to team managers, business leaders and those responsible for the development of staff as a point of reference and guidance for their team.

About the author
With over 35 year’s experience, Neil Middleton has worked successfully within the Services, Financial and Ecological Sectors gaining first-hand experience of performing, at a high level, a variety of leadership, managerial, technical, customer service, people development, consultancy, marketing and financial roles. He is the managing director of two companies operating within the UK: Echoes Ecology Ltd, an ecological consultancy he established in Scotland during 2006; and Time For Bespoke Solutions Ltd, a company that provides management consultancy and people development solutions.

Neil is also an accomplished trainer across a wide range of business and ecology related subjects, having developed and delivered well over 200 training events to date. He has a constant appetite for self-development, not only for himself, but for those around him. This drive is the inspiration behind this book, within which he shares his experiences, thoughts and ideas as to how best you can perform successfully in your role.

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