Radio stations unite around the world for African conservation efforts

Born Free is delighted to announce that SNARED, a new radio drama about an age-old conflict – the poaching of Africa’s wildlife – will premier in a synchronised broadcast on Saturday 10th November 2018.

Taking place on the 23rd anniversary of Nigerian writer, television producer and environmental activist, Ken Saro-Wiwa’s execution, the radio play will be aired via terrestrial and internet radio stations in Africa, Britain, Australia, the USA, and beyond, with the hope that further stations will broadcast the play in the future.

Originally conceived for the stage by Tim Marriott, SNARED toured England in 2012/13 to critical acclaim. The play explores the tensions surrounding the poaching of Africa’s wildlife; the topical issues surrounding the trophy hunting debate, and the growing conflict between the needs of the continent’s people and its wildlife.

Endorsed by the Born Free Foundation, two of the play’s characters were inspired by the special advisor to Born Free’s CEO and manager of the Born Free-funded Zambia Primate Project, Dr Cheryl Mvula, and her husband Manny Mvula, after the writer heard of their exploits in Africa and the corruption and challenges they faced doing their work there.

The SNARED story:


A Zambian man is nursed through a recurrence of malaria by his daughter and granddaughter. As they try to manage his fever he relives an event that continues to haunt him.

Three Years Ago…

In the African bush a hunter is confronted by an armed conservationist and her ranger and bound to a tree with one of his own snares. A terrible storm breaks and forces them to remain where they are until it passes. The hunter, convinced that he is to be executed, engages the conservationist in a dangerous game of argument and counter argument in a desperate bid to free himself.

In this tense tale of entrapment and deceit, who can tell the hunter from the hunted?

Floyd Toulet, Writer and Director for SNARED’s radio production, commented:

“Our hope is that people in Africa and all over the world will tune in and engage with this work and the issues it raises. We’re optimistic that this synchronised broadcast will act as a catalyst for the African people to speak out, and for the global community to understand the complexities and corruption surrounding the poaching industry. Ultimately, our goal is to spread the vital message of conservation and why we need to act now.”

Howard Jones, CEO Born Free, added:

“This extraordinary work appears, at first, to be a simple tale of conflict; of good and bad, played out in the delirium of a memory.  But, of course, that’s just the surface.  This tale reflects the complex relationships, beliefs, needs and desires that lurk in the appalling tragedy of poaching, which reaches industrial scales of suffering and loss, as markets are driven well beyond the shores of Africa.  This goes close to the bone of our most challenging work, and we are committed to ensure that this is heard.  And understood.”

Whilst SNARED will broadcast on Saturday 10th November, timings may vary due to different time zones. For full details visit

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