The Wildlife Blog Collection

An exciting new book The Wildlife Blog Collection is now available to pre-order in time for Valentine’s Day!

The Wildlife Blog Collection is a 300+ page compilation of 70 short stories submitted to Wildlife Blogger of the Year 2018. It celebrates some of the most memorable, entrancing and exciting wildlife moments as told by top nature writers from across the globe.

From the discovery of a clouded leopard in Borneo’s degraded rainforests, to an audience with an African crowned eagle and its unlucky prey in Kenya, to the unexpected wildlife of England after dark, there are incredible moments to uncover.

It includes winning entries as chosen by a panel of 14 judges -including Dr Mark Avery, James Lowen, Dr James Borrell, Ed Drewitt and Lucy McRobert – and uses storytelling to explore humanity’s relationship with wildlife and highlight wildlife conservation issues around the globe.

“We wanted to share these stories and their messages widely and to give their passionate and talented authors the recognition they deserve”, said Editor Kristi Foster from Terra Incognita.

The competition and eBook was coordinated and run by our Conservation Careers Partner Terra Incognita, who believe that ecotourism can be a powerful force for good in the world. As a social enterprise it seeks to promote the best examples of ecotourism worldwide. It does this by collating lists of amazing tour providers who help conserve the environment, support local people and educate guests.

“Having come this far – with travellers, researchers, guides, students, conservationists and others pouring their reflections on wildlife into words – how could we not help others delight in this adventure too?”, added Kristi.

The amazing new book will be available on Valentine’s Day and is available for pre-orders now at the special sale price. Pre-order your copy today in time for Valentine’s Day. The perfect gift.

Terra Incognita are also offering you the chance to promote the book as a TI Affiliate and earn a 20% commission on sales. You don’t need a website, just a social media profile or two. Full details here.

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