What’s it like to work in Conservation Filmmaking and Photography?

  • David Cottridge: The life of a wildlife photographer

    Internationally renowned wildlife photographer David Cottridge  has travelled the world, photographed most of Europe’s bird species and worked with the likes of Bill Oddie, Nick Baker and Chris Packham. He tells Conservation Careers Blogger Charlotte Rixon why wildlife photography matters and how to follow in his footsteps. How did you get started as a wildlife photographer? […] READ MORE

  • Going pro with GoPro

    In order for conservation to be effective, we need to engage audiences by using as many tools as we can.  This includes writing, photography, and videography.  While the written word and still images are extremely powerful, as we continue to move into this new technological age, creative videography will become more important in capturing the […] READ MORE

  • Being a tropical Field Biologist and wildlife photographer with Andrew Snyder

    Andrew Snyder is a conservationist and photographer currently working on his PhD in Biology in the U.S. He has been doing field work in tropical rainforests for several years, focusing on amphibians and reptiles, and is involved with Operation Wallacea, a conservation research organization that gives young people the opportunity to do volunteering in tropical […] READ MORE

  • Being a naturalist, broadcaster and wildlife detective with Ed Drewitt

    Ed Drewitt is a naturalist, author, broadcaster, tour leader, birder, photographer, public speaker, bird ringer, zoologist, diver, feather expert, and Peregrin researcher. Here Ed kindly shares his conservation careers advice… Why do you work in conservation? I´ve always been interested in wildlife, particularly birds, since I was six or seven – and was encouraged by my family […] READ MORE

  • What’s it like to be an assignment photographer?

    Jason Houston is an assignment photographer with over 20 years’ experience working around the world producing stories that matter for conservation. Jason travels fast, light, and unobtrusively to capture authentic moments that will powerfully and effectively tell a story. Here Jason provides an insight into the highs and lows of his chosen career. How would […] READ MORE

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