Free Video Training Series | How to get a Conservation Job

Are you an aspiring conservationist struggling to successfully secure a job in this wonderful, but highly competitive sector? Are you stuck for ideas on how to best prepare yourself for your dream career?

Fear no more! We’re here to help with our upcoming FREE video training series, How to get a Conservation Job, starting on June 1st!

If you’re a student, job-seeker or career-switcher we’ll teach you how to quickly and easily start your career as a professional wildlife conservationist.

Dr Nick Askew, Founder and Director of Conservation Careers, will share with you the golden rule to get started, the most common mistakes aspiring conservationists make in their job search and answer your biggest questions.

This is the best advice in the sector, compiled from talking to hundreds of successful professional conservationists and helping thousands of aspiring conservationists across the globe.

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Here’s a sneak peek into what we’ll be covering:

Video 1 | The Golden Rule for how to get a conservation job

Did you know that there are more conservation jobs than ever before, but there are also more people looking for them? Would you like to know the single most important thing that successful people do really well to stand out in a competitive sector? In this video you’ll learn the golden rule for getting started!

Video 2 | Six mistakes to avoid in your conservation job hunt

Are you worried there aren’t many conservation jobs available, that you need a master’s or PhD to be competitive, or that you must invest hundreds of hours (and ££$$) to get experience? In this video, we myth-bust the six most common mistakes and misconceptions aspiring conservationists make in their hunt for their dream job and how you can avoid them!

Video 3 | How to get a conservation job – top ten questions answered

At Conservation Careers we’re helping thousands of people find work in the conservation sector, and we know the common hurdles you face. In this third and final video we answer the top ten questions you need to know to get a conservation job.

This video series will provide information valuable to conservationists of all stages of their career, from students and job-seekers to career-switchers.

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