Turrialba, Costa Rica
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This master’s program offers a unique opportunity for professional training in an intercultural, multi-disciplinary and high-quality academic environment. It is based on the
vision of long-term, sustainable climate smart agroforestry and agriculture and systemic
interactions in the four basic dimensions, ecological, social, economic and political.
The ecological dimension alludes to actions to preserve and potentiate diversity and the
complexity of ecosystems, their productivity, natural water and carbon cycles,
biodiversity and the provision of ecosystem services. The social aspect aims to guarantee
food security, equitable access to ecosystem goods and services and allow people to
appreciate the relevance of their fair distribution. The economic aspect seeks the
development of productive systems included in economically profitable value chains that
allow productive diversification, fair trade, entrepreneurship and rural agro-industry
within the framework of action that achieves the optimum use of production units. The
political aspect seeks the direct participation of different actors in the procurement of
governance for the sustainable management of agricultural production and natural

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