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Birds are found in all habitat types from buildings to woodland and farmland to coast. This course is suitable for beginners with a general interest in birds as well as anyone working in conservation or ecological consultancy. The aim of the course is to help you learn how to identify birds.

If you are conducting ecological surveys or undertaking conservation work you will always encounter birds and you will need to be able to identify them.

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Course Description:

This introductory course is designed for anyone, especially ecologists and conservation workers who want to learn the basics about bird identification in order to enjoy bird watching or start carrying out surveys. It is aimed at beginners with little or no knowledge of the birds of the UK. The course will cover:

  • Evolution of birds
  • Introduction to bird identification (characteristic behaviours, anatomy and key features e.g. beaks, feet, legs, wing shape, feathers and markings).
  • Bird families
  • Birds and habitats
  • Bird identification in the field
  • Introduction to bird song in the field
  • Birdwatching tips
  • Encouraging birds to your garden


The course is video based with 3 videos:

Video 1 – In this video we cover bird evolution, bird anatomy, key identification features like beaks, legs, feet, behaviour, markings and feather colours. Playing time 49 mins.

Video 2 – In this video we look specifically at a range of common species and their identification including tits, finches, corvids, owls and birds of prey. Playing time 29 mins.

Video 3 – In this video you will learn tips on bird watching, encouraging birds into your garden, key resources and equipment you need to enjoy birds and have an introduction to bird song. Playing time 36 mins.

There is a quiz at the end and if you get over 70% you will receive a Certificate.

Price: The course costs only £105 (plus VAT) or £95 (plus VAT) if you book and pay online using the code 8ZV1BNQH21AS

How to book:

You can book on-line on

Alternatively, if you are a company, you can request an invoice by emailing

Once you have booked, we will e-mail you to confirm that your booking has been received and you will then be able to start the course.


Email or phone Sue on 07818073660.

International training:

This course is designed for people seeking to work in the UK. If you’re seeking work in another country, check out our Introduction to Ecology course.

Get 10% off all online courses by Ecology Training UK Ltd (ETUK)
if you book and pay online using this code: 8ZV1BNQH21AS