Ann Arbor, MI, United States
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£9,443 per year

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The fate of our planet depends on a new generation of highly skilled conservation ecologists. As an SEAS student in this interdisciplinary field of study, you will become a change-driven scientist capable of developing novel approaches to the sustainable management of wildlands, protected areas, and aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Earth’s oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands are increasingly focal points for global concerns about usage, pollution, and depletion. In addition, biodiversity loss has been identified as one of the great challenges of our time. The potential demise of one-fourth or more of the Earth’s species before the end of this century represents an irreversible loss of nature and may significantly undermine the sustainable use of nature’s services.

Conservation ecologists are working to reverse the environmental damage done by the rapid encroachment of human populations and economies, and build a long-term plan to sustain our precious natural resources.

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