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Ecology Training UK is the UK’s top provider of ecology and conservation management courses and career programs. Providing quality, affordable and relevant training.

Our Career Programs

Certificate in Ecological Consultancy – a comprehensive course giving you all the skills and knowledge you need for your first position in ecological consultancy. Follow the link for more details.

Certificate in Conservation Management – a comprehensive course for those exploring a future career in conservation who want to gain new skills and knowledge. Follow the link for more details.

Our online courses

We have a comprehensive range of online courses to cover careers in ecological consultancy or conservation. You will receive a Certificate for each course on completion of a short quiz. Many of these courses are included in the two Certificates included above.

Animal Behaviour £120

Badger Ecology and Surveying Online Course £105

Bat Activity Surveys: Emergence and Transect £92*

Bat Ecology and Surveying £210

Bats: Architectural Terms for Bat Workers £52

Beaver Ecology and Surveying £105

Beginner’s Botany £210

Bird Biology £120 **

Birds for Beginners £105

Climate Change, Sustainability and Behaviour Change £105

Countryside Management £180 **

Dormouse Ecology and Surveying £105

Fascinating Fungi £105

Grass ID £105

Great Crested Newt Ecology and Surveying £105

Habitat Management £140

Habitat Restoration £140

Health and Safety Awareness for Bat Workers £52

Introduction to Bats £105 *

Introduction to Conservation Biology £168

Introduction to Ecology £180

Introduction to Population Ecology £164

Invasive Species £164

Legislation for Bat Workers £92

Mammal Biology and Evolution £190

Mammal ID £75

Marine Biology and Ecosystems £170 **

Otter Ecology and Surveying £105

Phase 1 Habitat Mapping £105

Reptile and Amphibian ID and Surveying £75

Reptile Ecology and Surveying £92

Rewilding £140 **

River Restoration £160

Surveying Buildings for Bats £92 *

Surveying for Protected Species £164

Surveying Tress for Bats £92

Woodland Management for Biodiversity £180


* included in Bat Ecology and Surveying course.

** In preparation and will be up soon. Can be booked now and the materials sent out to you when the course is up.

Webinars and Face to Face courses

Prefer live training with an expert on hand? We also have a range of live webinar courses and face to face courses based in the UK in Devon, Somerset, Hampshire and Surrey. CLICK HERE to search for courses.