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The University of California, Davis Department of Entomology is ranked the No. 1 entomology department in the United States, as rated in November, 2007 by the Chronicle of Higher Education. The graduate program offers both the M.S and Ph.D. degree. This program draws its strengths from several sources including a teaching and research faculty of some 40 professional entomologists and nematologists, and a full range of laboratory and field equipment for teaching and research..Students gain advanced knowledge of ecology; evolution; behavior; plant-insect interactions; biological control; integrated pest management; chemical ecology; molecular biology; olfaction; demography; apiculture; systematics; arthropod-borne diseases of plants and animals; medical entomology; insect physiology; and insecticide toxicology. Students graduate with the qualitative and quantitative skills necessary for professional research and teaching in the integration of basic and applied aspects of entomology.

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