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£8,750 per course

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Gapforce Expedition Leader Training Course is a comprehensive program designed to prepare individuals for exciting and challenging roles as expedition leaders. This 12 week course takes place Costa Rica & Panama, and includes a 2-week phase in Wales at the start of the program. It is ideal for adventurous individuals, outdoor enthusiasts, and aspiring expedition leaders. 

Course Highlights:

Comprehensive Expedition Training: Our course covers a wide range of essential expedition skills, including navigation, wilderness first aid, group management, risk assessment, and more. Participants will gain the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to lead successful expeditions in various environments.

Expert Instructors: Gapforce prides itself on employing experienced expedition leaders and outdoor educators as instructors. They bring real-world expertise and mentorship to the training program.

Adventure Opportunities: The course offers participants the chance to apply their newly acquired skills in real world situations. From jungle treks to river crossings, these experiences will build confidence and competence in expedition leadership. 

Certification: During the course, participants will achieve a range of both nationally recognised and in-house qualifications, and upon successful completion of the program, will receive a Gapforce Expedition Leader Certification, a valuable credential for anyone looking to work in the adventure and expedition industry.

Career Development: This training course is the perfect stepping stone for a career as an expedition leader, adventure guide, or outdoor educator. We offer jobs leading expeditions for Gapforce to the top performers, and provide guidance on job placements and career advancement in the wider field. 

Who is the course for

Outdoor Enthusiasts: Individuals who love adventure and the great outdoors, seeking to turn their passion into a profession.

Aspiring Expedition Leaders: Those who dream of leading groups on exciting expeditions and want to develop the skills necessary to do so.

Career Changers: People looking for a change in their professional life and a new path in the adventure and outdoor industry. 

Gapforce Expedition Leader Training Course is your gateway to the world of adventure leadership. Find out more here.