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£149 per course

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This 3-week program includes 3 modules, and the skills you will learn among many, will include: a) writing a literature review, b) creating a study design, c) behavioural data analysis (based on hundreds of camera trap videos collected by the research team in Goa, India), and d) learning/implementing the nuances of science communication and impact. Apart from these skills, you will have interactive sessions with our research associates who will talk about Smooth-coated otter Ecology & Behaviour, Otter Research Field Methods, The Illegal Wildlife Trade, Conflict Issues, Mangroves Ecosystems, Science Communication and Professional development amongst others.

While this course does not have any prerequisites and is open to anyone at all, some basic knowledge/interest of biology, ecology or conservation will be hugely beneficial. Each participant will be guided through the process by a member of the research team many of whom are also members of the IUCN SSC Otter Specialist Group.