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£29,000 per course

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The Conservation Leadership program is a master’s degree which prepares leaders to address complex conservation issues at local, regional, and global scales. The program is built around principles of experiential learning, interdisciplinary instruction, and applied approaches. Our students work closely with a network of practitioners and organizations throughout the program. Conservation Leadership is the option for individuals seeking to make a difference in the lives and ecosystems of our planet.

The coursework in Conservation Leadership prepares you to work in the conservation field by developing new skills and knowledge, such as leadership skills, collaboration techniques to bring together diverse stakeholders, communication tools, and innovative methods for achieving conservation goals. The Capstone Project gives you the opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge to a real conservation issue by working with a community partner to develop a project deliverable – such as a management plan, communication plan, or pilot program – to help the organization further their conservation work.

Conservation Leadership has seven core objectives that all students should be able to achieve upon graduating from the program:

  1. Analyze conservation issues from multiple disciplines and stakeholder perspectives
  2. Collaborate with diverse stakeholders and individuals
  3. Utilize systems thinking to examine conservation issues
  4. Apply interdisciplinary problem-solving approaches to conservation issues
  5. Apply inquiry tools and methods to address conservation issues
  6. Effectively communicate conservation via varied media, academic outputs, and presentations
  7. Demonstrate leadership skills to work effectively in group environments

Format: On-Campus, Full Time

Admission: No GRE required

Length of Program: 18 Months (August 2022-December 2023)

Tuition: USD $40,000 for the full program