South Africa, Botswana or Kenya
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£3,888 per course

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Immerse yourself into Africa’s wilderness and let nature do the teaching! This course is suitable for anyone who wants to observe animals up close and personal and understand their habitat. Within 28 days, you are taught the basics of African nature not only in theory but also in practice – either in South Africa, Botswana or Kenya’s world-famous Masai Mara.


The natural landscape of South Africa, Botswana and Kenya forms the spectacular backdrop for this unique learning experience. The four-week safari guide course provides basic information about the African wilderness and gives you an opportunity to take part in small projects. At the end of your course you’ll receive a certificate.

Depending on your start date, your course will take you to either Kenya or South Africa/Botswana. In the camps that you will be based at experienced guides will wait for you and teach you about the ecological, geographical and meteorological characteristics of the region. The practical part of your training will take you to the wilderness twice a day. You will travel on foot or use off-road vehicles, learning how to orientate yourself and navigate in the wild. You will be given an insight into the art of tracking, enabling you to follow animals as they move through the bush. Your instructor will explain the behaviour of the animals that you see and the role that they play in the ecosystem. This course is the perfect preparation for the training to be a professional field guide.


As a safari guide student you will be either accommodated in two-man tents (Karongwe, Selati, Mashatu), in stilt houses (Makuleke) or in a wilderness chalet (Mara). When staying in Makuleke you will have access to your own bathroom attached to the house. In Karongwe, Selati, Mashatu, Selati and Mara there are shared bathrooms. In all camps you will find a large lounge for spending evenings with the group, eating together and training. The camps are not open to tourists. As the camps are not fenced in, you can experience an extraordinary connection to the natural environment and may witness animal encounters right in front of your tent.

Each day, you will be offered an early mid-morning snack, a satisfying brunch, a light lunch and a warm dinner. Fruit juice is provided at mealtimes, and tap water, coffee and tea are available the whole day. As the camp is not connected to electricity, generators are used.


“When I started the course, my goal was to simply be in nature and watch various animals – “back to the roots” so to speak. These expectations were more than exceeded.” (Lisa, 29 years)

About us

NATUCATE is a German agency, specialized in voluntary work, field guide training, nature-oriented educational courses and internships with a focus on nature and species conservation as well as animal protection. Moreover, we create and organize individual sabbaticals; commitment for nature conservation and personal development being in the centre. Sustainable and responsible traveling, so-called ecotourism, as well as nature and adventure travel are further areas of expertise.

Our projects, courses and tours, fulfilling high sustainability standards, enable people – from graduates to best agers – to make an active contribution to protecting and conserving endangered species and ecosystems and, at the same time, to broaden their personal horizon. 

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  • Placement in the programme
  • Assistance with travel arrangements
  • Assistance with selecting travel insurance
  • Assistance with booking flights
  • Pre-departure information pack
  • Risk coverage certificate
  • Accommodation during the programme
  • Meals during the programme
  • Drinking water, coffee, tea
  • Lectures
  • Expeditions
  • Game walks
  • Game drives
  • Transfer between different locations
  • English-speaking support by long-term experienced staff
  • 24/7 support throughout the programme


  • 28 days (South Africa/Botswana): 4.400 EUR
  • 28 days (Kenya): 7.800 EUR

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