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Spoor, Signs and Tracking Technologies

Wildlife ACT, an award-winning African Wildlife Conservation organisation in South Africa, have launched online conservation courses through the Wildlife ACT Training Academy on Teachable Inc.

This exciting course introduces students to the age-old art of tracking; delving into the finding and interpretation of tracks, scats and signs. We look at tracking birds, injured animals, tracking as a crucial tool in anti-poaching, interpreting intention signals by looking deeper into the ethology, social systems and behaviour types of African wildlife.

The course then covers the broader aspects of tracking from wildlife crime to e- and i-DNA, nocturnal tracking technologies, a look at the monitoring and tracking technologies available on the market and looking at which ones Wildlife ACT uses in the field. Each lecture tests your own interpretation and observation skills through interactive Scene Investigations that will be reviewed at the end of the course.


Course Dates:
The course begins once you sign up!

Duration: 8 Weeks
Cost: €119 for the full, 8 week course
Live Q+A’s: Thursdays at 18h30 (GMT+0). All live sessions are recorded and made available to students who cannot make them.

Eligibility: To anyone interested in the science and art of wildlife tracking. The course will conclude with a final online quiz, with certificates of completion provided.

About Wildlife ACT

Wildlife ACT funds much of their conservation work through ecotourism, which allows critical endangered and priority species monitoring work to take place across 5 protected areas in Zululand, South Africa. Due to the current national lockdown and travel restrictions, they have lost this funding. So by simply taking the course, please know that you are helping to support the work that we do to protect wildlife.