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A Snapshot of Jobs

UG - Switching Careers into Conservation _ A Snapshot of Jobs

Are you searching for more meaning in your career? Do you have a passion for wildlife that keeps nagging at you? Do you feel more energised by nature than by your office?

Today, one-third of Conservation Careers Academy members are career switchers – professionals (and graduates) who are switching careers into conservation from different job sectors. But are there actually opportunities for career switchers in conservation?

We monitored conservation jobs worldwide for two weeks to give a snapshot of the opportunities for career switchers, and we were blown away by the results. There are more conservation jobs available for career switchers than you’ve probably imagined, and career switcher skills are often in demand.

If you feel alone, overwhelmed or anxious about making a career switch, we hope this Ultimate Guide will show you that your skills and passion are needed. Find out how to switch on your conservation career.

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