BOS Foundation Organisation Profile

Our Vision

A world where all wild, rehabilitated, and continuous care-dependent Bornean orangutans live in sustainably managed forests or sanctuaries, providing benefits to people and nature

Our Mission

Using multi-stakeholder partnerships to rescue, rehabilitate, and release Bornean orangutans to the forests of Borneo, while conserving reintroduced and wild orangutan populations and their forest habitats, and providing long-term sanctuary care to orangutans that cannot be reintroduced to the wild

Bornean orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) are listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, namely due to habitat destruction, degradation, and fragmentation—because of logging, conversion of forests to agricultural and mining land uses, and forest fires—and hunting for the illegal wildlife trade. They are also hunted as pests on industrial agriculture plantations. To address the multitude of threats to Bornean orangutans, whose total population was estimated at just 57,350 individuals in 2016, a number of rescue centres have been set up. The largest of these centres—the Nyaru Menteng and Samboja Lestari Orangutan Rehabilitation Centres—are run by the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation, who care for roughly 520 orangutans with the support of 420 devoted staff. Established in 1991 as the Balikpapan Orangutan Society, becoming renamed as the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation in 1994, and becoming a legally recognised Indonesian charity in 1998, BOS Foundation is an Indonesian non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of the Bornean orangutan and its habitat, in cooperation with local communities, the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry and international partner organisations.

Since the almost 30 years since BOS Foundation began their mission to rescue the persecuted orangutans of East Kalimantan, the organisation has grown to encompass four management units in Central and East Kalimantan—the (1) East Kalimantan Land Rehabilitation and Orangutan Reintroduction Program at Samboja Lestari, the (2) Central Kalimantan Orangutan Reintroduction Program at Nyaru Menteng, the (3) Orangutan Habitat Restoration Program (RHO), and the (4) Mawas Conservation Program—all supported by a headquarter office in West Java (see Figure 1).

Across these four programs, BOS Foundation continues to implement impactful orangutan (and sun bear) conservation across our four Core Strategies:

  1. Orangutan Reintroduction
  2. Sanctuary Care (for Orangutans and Sun Bears)
  3. Orangutan Habitat Ecosystem Conservation
  4. Sustainable Community Development and Environmental Education

Implementing our four core strategies across our four programs has resulted in the rescue of roughly 2,800 orangutans since 1991; the acquisition of the rights to use hundreds of thousands of hectares of forests for orangutan reintroduction; the release of 392 orangutans back to the wild since 2012; the post-release monitoring of hundreds of reintroduced orangutans; the construction of semi-natural forest enclosures and forest island sanctuaries for hundreds of rescued orangutans and sun bears; the active conservation of 2,550 wild orangutans in peat swamp forests that store huge amounts of carbon; and the restoration or rehabilitation of thousands of hectares of degraded forest landscapes—an enormous effort which will continue in 2019 and beyond. 

Job Description

The International Fundraising Development and Strategic Planning Advisor role is a cross-disciplinary role that involves developing fundraising strategies and revenue of international sources of funding, while also playing a key role in BOS Foundation’s strategic planning for achieving our mission across our four core strategies. The successful applicant will work with all BOS Foundation’s programs (in Central and East Kalimantan) and teams (incl. fundraising, communications, finance, human resources, and monitoring and evaluation). The successful applicant will report to the CEO and Deputy CEO, with the position being largely based in BOS Foundation’s headquarter office in Bogor, West Java, with intermittent field visits to Central and East Kalimantan as necessary.

Roles and Responsibilities

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  • Managing international grants:
    • Writing and submitting relevant grant proposals to international grant-giving institutions
    • Coordinating and writing reports for all active grants.
  • Establishing new international fundraising opportunities outside of grant-giving institutions, such as major individual giving, CSR, bequests, non-grant giving institutions, peer-to-peer fundraising, fundraising events, etc.).
  • Advising on the design and content of BOSF’s website (desktop and mobile versions), particularly to improve fundraising potential of the website, and payment gateways.
  • Setting up Constituent Relations Management (CRM) software for Fundraising and Finance teams, including:
    • Liaising with Salesforce sales team and their Indonesian implementing partners
    • Discussing CRM accounting requirements with our Finance Team
    • Importing and administrating relevant donor and staff data into CRM and grant management systems (Salesforce and Fluxx Grantseeker cloud platforms)
  • Ensuring the members of the fundraising team are working efficiently
    • Analysing fundraising reports with the fundraising team, finance team, and senior management
    • Streamline and develop BOS Foundation merchandising with FR Coordinator
    • Strengthen and develop BOS Foundations online fundraising tools with FR Coordinator
    • Work with IT staff to ensure that BOS Foundation online fundraising systems are functioning correctly
  • Supporting the establishment of new official international BOS Partner Organisations (to add to our current BOS Partner Organisations, BOS Australia, BOS Germany, BOS Switzerland, BOS UK, STO)
    • Finalising a comprehensive ‘starter pack’ for official international BOS Partner Organisations to become established quickly and efficiently.
    • Seeking and promoting the establishment of BOS Partners around the world (may include some international travel)
    • Conducting a comprehensive induction on BOS Foundation for new BOS Partner staff
  • Coordinating and collaborating with BOS Partner Organisations, including:
    • Writing, editing, and updating MoUs with BOS Partners for volunteer or other agreements
    • Prepare proposals, project budgets, appeals, campaigns for partners to use
    • Coordinating information and approval for research proposals and certain campaigns
    • Attending and Annual Partners Meeting
    • Attending Annual Fundraising and Communications Meeting
  • Working with our Fundraising and Communications teams on created integrated fundraising and communications strategies.

Strategic Planning

  • Co-Chairing GFAS Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) to get both Nyaru Menteng and Samboja Lestari GFAS Accreditation, with tasks including:
    • Liaising with GFAS staff on the accreditation process, progress, and needs
    • Making sure all deadlines and criteria are met
    • Working with the SPC (including personnel in HQ and programs) to finalise BOS Foundation’s five-year strategic plan
    • Updating and creating SOPS for all major BOSF activities and process in collaboration with relevant senior management staff, and ensuring that everyone is aware of them and implements them consistently
    • Ensuring all major job positions have succession planning in place
  • Monitoring and evaluation of BOS Foundation’s programs and activities:
    • Evaluating operational and project cost efficiency
    • Liaising with BOS Foundations Program Managers on their wants and needs.
    • Developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks and reporting workflows in participation with key and relevant staff, to ensure that out five-year strategic plan and specific project goals are being met and efficiently reported on.
    • Attending orangutan releases as necessary
  • Organise and partake in quarterly Program Managers Meetings at BOSF HQ.


  • Hiring new staff (particularly fundraising staff) (in coordination with Indonesian HR staff)
    • Preparing job descriptions/ToRs for new job vacancies
    • Conducting interviews for new job vacancies
    • Compiling applicant review to present to CEO and Deputy CEO for a final decision on successful applicants
  • Answering an average of 15-25 emails per day on a range of BOS Foundation issues.
  • Writing MoUs for a range of partnerships including fundraising, volunteer programs, and new International BOS Partners.
  • Consistently liaising with senior management for information exchange and approval on a range of tasks
  • Partaking in various internal and external coordination meetings
  • Partaking in career development conferences and workshops as required 



  • A minimum of a master’s level degree in fundraising, marketing, business administration, fundraising, development, or conservation
  • A minimum of 3 years work experience in fundraising development
  • A minimum of 3 years work experience in grant writing and report writing
  • A minimum of 2 years work experience in strategic planning, and monitoring and evaluation
  • Knowledge and experience in various fundraising strategies, including online fundraising, corporate fundraising, institutional fundraising, individual giving, peer-to-peer fundraising, etc.
  • Knowledge of budgeting and accounting
  • Knowledge and experience in tropical conservation, and the relevant terminology
  • Knowledge and experience in development studies (preferably sustainable community development), and the relevant terminology
  • Ability to work well both independently and as part of a team
  • Excellent Native English writing skills
  • Excellent social and communication skills, in both verbal and written English
  • Strong willingness to learn Bahasa Indonesia
  • Strong passion for saving orangutans and their habitat
  • Strong initiative and determination
  • A strong creative and innovative disposition
  • Ability to work to deadlines
  • Strong decision-making skills
  • Strong organisational and planning skills
  • High level of proficiency in Microsoft Office


  • Experience with CRM software (e.g. Salesforce)
  • Ability to speak Bahasa Indonesia
  • Experience working in a tropical country, preferably Indonesia
  • Knowledge and experience in primate conservation, particularly orangutans

Salary and Benefits

The salary and benefits package for this position will be competitive and commensurate with experience according to international standards, but is partially adjusted for low local living costs. International flights, excluding those required for essential international meetings during your employment, will not be covered. 

How to Apply

Interested applicants should send their (1) CV, (2) cover letter, and (3) an additional example of their writing to [email protected] with the email subject line INTERNATIONAL FUNDRAISING ADVISOR APPLICATION (before 12 May 2019). The expected starting date for the successful applicant is 1 July, 2019.