Coordinates and provides communications, education, and outreach materials and services for Save the Manatee Club (SMC), a nonprofit organization based in Maitland, Florida, as well as managing the SMC’s volunteer programs and special events.

Handles media relations for Save the Manatee Club by taking press calls and coordinating media interviews with staff. Acts as a spokesperson for SMC, taking interviews when necessary. Strong writing, communication, organizational, and computer skills desired as well as the ability to work independently, quickly, and meet deadlines.


  • Take press calls, receive emails and coordinate media interviews with staff. Act as a spokesperson for SMC and talk to the press in phone, written, video and in-person interviews when necessary.
  • Write press releases and press advisories, compile media lists and maintain relationships with members of the press. Correspond with partner agencies on related releases. Coordinate email distribution to local, state, and national magazines, newspapers, internet media, or other special publications.
  • Write and design layout for print public service advertisements (usually 6-7 per year), work with Director of Multimedia to produce final copy of PSA. Coordinate distribution of PSA to media publications either on a personal level or through emails with the Development and Operations Manager. Work with Director of Multimedia or Director of Operations to provide custom resizes upon request.
  • Write radio public service announcement scripts (coordinate with 6 print ads yearly) and coordinate distribution to local, state, and national radio and television stations. Coordinate a calendar giveaway promotion each holiday season with national radio stations who run SMC’s PSAs
  • Manage and coordinate the Club’s in-person and virtual educational events which involves:
    • Coordinate and register with event organizers.
    • Schedule volunteers to fulfill event requests (requires ongoing communication, email blasts).
    • Send event information to Director of Online Communications and Director of Multimedia for promotion and recap on website and social media. Occasionally write feature articles about events
  • Coordinate the Guardian Guides Manatee Stewardship Program. Oversee program content and material, correspond with program participants, and lead the certification process with prospective participants.
  • Help monitor the SMC webcams at Blue Spring and Homosassa during the winter season by moving wiper blades and focusing on approved, interesting content. Assist Director of Multimedia with monitoring the Explore.org message boards. Provide webcam embed codes and information about the webcams to the media upon request