ETIV do Brasil is a Non Profit/Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that is located in the beautiful fishing and surfing town of Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil. Our mission is to support environmental conservation and development in Brazil, with a deep focus on youth development.

About the Role

As Operations Manager at ETIV, you will be expected to take on a wide range of responsibilities. This includes NGO administration and project management, financial management and volunteer management. Volunteer management involves recruitment, supervision and coordination of local and international volunteers, as well as volunteer house and office management.

You will develop, implement and deliver appropriate actions to achieve positive and measurable outcomes within our local community projects. You will also be working to achieve greater opportunities for the local Brazilian children & families with whom we work while also supporting meaningful and significant professional development with the volunteers and interns who work with us. You will work under the guidance of the director and help to ensure that our community members, project participants and our volunteers are happy, supported and working effectively to achieve positive results.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Volunteer Management

  • Recruitment & coordination of volunteers
  • Coordinating pre-arrival arrangements
  • Greetings, inductions and tours of Itacare for new arrivals
  • Ensuring the welfare of all volunteers from arrival to departure
  • Offering general and emergency assistance
  • Supervising project coordinators
  • Monitoring and analyzing volunteer feedback to support continuous improvement

Project Management

  • Helping to build and maintain our own projects focused on youth development, environmental conservation and women’s empowerment.
  • Building relationships with community members, networking, and building partnerships and liaising with other community projects
  • Ensuring that project finances are properly maintained, recorded and monitored in our database and finances excel
  • Supporting volunteers in their projects and empowering them to lead their projects successfully

Office Management, Administration and Additional Tasks

  • Managing office volunteers
  • Replying to e-mails and ensuring that all documents and contracts are received and organized properly in the database and on GoogleDrive
  • General office administration, including maintaining spread sheets, book-keeping and management information reports
  • Ensuring that the volunteer database, housing calendar, contact master and information sheets are kept up-to-date

Website support and maintenance

  • Fund development – Supporting the directors work in grant writing, event planning, and finding more ways to diversify our funding.

Marketing and communications

  • Maintaining the ETIV finances, managing budgets and collecting receipts and money from volunteers including rent and volunteer contributions

Other ad hoc tasks

  • Housing Management
  • Organizing and implementing a volunteer cleaning schedule and ensuring volunteer clean up after themselves and take turns taking out the garbage and compost.
  • Maintaining house rules including quiet hours, guest policies, etc.
    Ensuring water, toilet paper and gas for the stove get replaced as needed
  • Paying bills including wifi, water and electric bills
  • Ensuring that volunteer accommodation is arranged and liaising with accommodation partners
  • Ensuring each volunteer receives their check out list before leaving and completes this list before returning their deposit
  • Finding people to help us maintain the volunteer house and fix things as they break or need replacing.
  • Helping to maintain the ETIV garden, yard and compost bin


Compensation: R$1,500 BRL per month
Weekends off (except for special events)

Level of Language Proficiency
Fluency in English and Portuguese

Title: ETIV do Brasil Operations Manager
Location: Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil
Reports to: The director, Jaci Braga
Expected hours: 40hrs/week; Some evenings and occasionally on the weekends; on call for emergencies 24/7
Salary: R$1,400 BRL per month
Benefits: Housing at the ETIV house and all bills covered
Annual leave: 1 month/year
Holidays: The ETIV office will be closed on all national holidays
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree preferred. Brazilian citizenship or permanent resident with work visa. Bilingual – English and Portuguese.

How To Apply

[email protected]
CV and Cover Letter mailed to [email protected]