FZS is currently finalizing a co-management agreement with the Institut Congolais pour le Conservation de Nature (ICCN). FZS will then appoint a Site Director who will assume overall responsibility for the conservation of LNP and be in charge of a team of staff, selected and seconded from current ICCN staff and FZS project staff. The current FZS Lomani Project Managers anticipate their retirement and thus will assume acting roles in the new structure. We are therefore looking for a highly motivated Shadow FZS Project Manager and in due course, subject to ICCN approval and successful performance, the appointee will be promoted to LNP Site Director. Over a 1-2 year period, the appointee will learn, support and gradually assume additional responsibility. Ultimately the post will involve co-ordination and responsibility for all Lomani National Park and FZS operations and budgets. Management themes cover a variety of duties such as law enforcement, community work (including land use planning and sustainable livelihoods) and biodiversity monitoring, all implemented through a team approach.

This is a unique opportunity to take on the helm of delivering a modern conservation approach, putting communities at the heart of a long term vision for a breathtaking and remote landscape, with few prior interventions. Combined with a real and rare possibility of the discovery of many new species of flora and fauna, this is a unique opportunity for the right candidates.
We are therefore looking for a highly motivated and committed individual or couple with complimentary skill sets, who are prepared to make a long term commitment to the Lomani National Park. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make significant conservation impact.

Main initial duties:

  • Drive development and implementation of PNL/ FZS Strategic Approach, PNL General Management Plans
  • Develop capacity for aerial surveillance in PNL and its buffer zone,
  • Develop key project infrastructure
  • Develop a logistics network and system for a remote landscape
  • Incorporate the flora and fauna monitoring programme into a key strategy of the project and showcase its results
  • Support and liaise with the Strategic Law Enforcement Technical Advisor
  • Support and enhance a fundraising strategy, donor development and circuit for showcasing PNL to potential donors and key partners
  • Develop public relations and communications targeted at the local community, stakeholders and donors
  • Take on specific field and organizational development tasks as directed by the LNP SiteDirector/FZS Programme Manager
  • Support work planning, budgeting within the co-management partnership

We offer

  • An attractive position based in and around Lomami National Park
  • An outstanding opportunity to work in an area of spectacular biodiversity
  • Comprehensive guidance by the current programme managers before assuming responsibility for the project and park
  • Professional development opportunities and freedom to develop own ideas within the organizational framework
  • Chance to work in an innovative, globally active nature conservation organization
  • Opportunity to work with a motivated and experienced national team
  • An attractive compensation package based on our international employment scheme

Qualifications & requirements

  • MSc or equivalent in a conservation or natural resource management field or related discipline
  • Experience in conservation and protected area management in Africa (preferably in DRC or other French-speaking countries) or in a different location with similar conditions
  • Experience living and working in very remote areas under basic conditions
  • Experience in large project and grant management, including proposal development, planning, budgeting and reporting is an advantage
  • Ideally, excellent communication skills in English and French (written and oral)
  • Knowledge of Lingala or Kiswahili is an advantage
  • Competencies in negotiation, leadership and teamwork
  • Strategic and analytical approach
  • Excellent planning and organizing skills

Your Application

Please include a motivation letter, a CV and qualifying certificates in your application.
In your motivation letter please answer the following questions:

  • What led you to apply for this position?
  • Which qualifications and personal qualities make you a good candidate?

Also provide your salary expectations and the earliest possible starting date.

Please address to:

Frankfurt Zoological Society
Human Resources Dept.
Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 1
60316 Frankfurt, Germany


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Lomami National Park (PNL), set up in 2016, is the youngest national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It covers an area of almost 9,000 km2 and is part of a natural landscape covering 40,000 km2 between the rivers Tshuapa, Lomami and Lualaba, also known as TL2. The region is a high biodiversity and relative pristine wilderness area of global importance almost completely covered by dense tropical rainforest, which is home to bonobos, forest elephants, three pangolin species, a brand new species of monkey, as well as important populations of okapi, Congo peafowl and other endemic and rare species. The park was set up with the cooperation of the local communities and there are excellent relationships between the park, project and communities. Whilst the forest is remote and generally intact, commercial bushmeat hunting is the major threat to its integrity. As this is an exciting opportunity to have real impact on the long term conservation of one of the world’s few remaining outstanding wild places.

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Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) is an international conservation organisation based in Germany. FZS is active in biodiversity-rich areas with projects on four continents. The Africa Programme is the organisation’s largest and oldest and includes projects in five local countries: Ethiopia, DR Congo, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.