The Role
The role of Husbandry and Enrichment Coordinator is a very hands-on role, working in our center with rescued wildlife. You will have an active role in rehabilitating rescued wildlife, ready for a life back in the wild. This includes the daily husbandry and provision of enrichment to wildlife onsite, getting involved in construction and maintenance projects as well as some administration duties.

This role is also responsible for managing our volunteer program! The admin duties for the volunteer program include managing volunteer bookings, corresponding with prospective volunteers, contacting new volunteer partners, universities and travel companies. Once volunteers arrive at the center it will be your responsibility to ensure they are comfortable on-site as well as educated and trained properly for their participation in the Husbandry & Enrichment program.

Another aspect of the job is the assistance in planning and implementation of projects with local staff. This is where a background in captive wildlife will really come in handy as you work to improve enclosures and increase the animal welfare here at the center. Initiative and creativity are encouraged to provide our wildlife with the best possible standard of welfare.

The role will evolve and grow as the successful candidates develop with it and initiative is very much encouraged.

• Previous experience of wildlife husbandry in a captive setting
• Experience of leading and working with volunteers and guests in a wildlife setting
• Some construction skills and a great understanding of enrichment
• Able to competently use a computer (Google Drive, Microsoft Office)
• Excellent communication and reporting skills ensuring our team operates efficiently
• Full driving license from your native country
• Fluency of written and spoken English
• A high level of understanding working safely and leading others to work safely with wildlife
• Willing to commit to at least 1 year to this role after a 3-month probationary period (15 months total)
• Creative and positive attitude

• Self–driven, able to work in challenging conditions and culturally sensitive
• Experience working with South-east Asian wildlife
• Experience of living rurally with a small amount of amenities
• Knowledge and previous usage of ZIMS or a similar online records system (ARKS, SPARKS, MedARKS)
• An understanding of fundraising in the non-profit wildlife sector
• Self–driven, able to work in challenging conditions and culturally sensitive
• Some Lao and/or Thai language skills

Onsite accommodation, with 2 cooked meals per day and breakfast supplies will be provided with the role. This role offers 1 day off a week, a competitive regional salary with paid holiday days, plus Lao national holidays. The LCTW will provide the successful candidate with a 1 year rolling business visa, all business travel expenses and a Lao driving license, after a 3-month probationary period.