We are offering a position of GIS Data Manager to join Restor – an open data platform, rooted in science that enables everyone, everywhere to engage in the global restoration movement. Founded by the Crowther Lab, a global ecological research group at ETH Zürich, and co-developed with Google, the platform will facilitate transparency and knowledge sharing to bring together many actors to drive change at scale.

The focus for this position will be the management of massive datasets and the provision of data technical support to assist with the design, generation, cleaning and transition of data across multiple interfacing platforms. As we work with Google to launch the platform in summer 2021 the GIS Data Manager will also support the onboarding of the many restoration practitioners that are part of the restoration movement. Candidates should have the skills to aid in organising, interpreting and refining these large datasets as we work to implement a seamless launch.

We look for a highly-motivated candidate with a good understanding of GIS and experience working with geospatial, as well as an interest in acquiring new knowledge about Earth’s ecology to be shared with a global audience. The ideal candidate will demonstrate an ability to work with remote sensing and GIS specialists on projects that combine data science with ecological expertise. Strong skills and experience with relational databases, desktop and web GIS systems and Google Earth Engine are highly beneficial. Given the variety of models Restor will draw from, experience with Python will be most beneficial.  The most important prerequisite is a solid foundation in geographic science coupled with the willingness to learn and keep up-to-date with new geospatial technologies. The ideal candidate should hold a Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university as well as have 5+ years work experience in this field.

Responsibilities of the GIS Data Manager will include:

  • Curate and manage the in-house Restor datasets and ensure that they are well documented and accessible to Restor and its partners
  • Work with a range of external data providers to integrate data into Restor GIS systems for mapping and analyses
  • Support the development of new geospatial products for integration into the Restor platform and other external services
  • Manage the development of custom GIS tools for core business workflows
  • Develop a backup and disaster recovery strategy for ensuring that all information remains safe and secure
  • Ensure that all data complies with the Restor Licensing Terms and Conditions and any other applicable licensing/privacy clauses
  • Develop and maintain technology partnerships with providers of geospatial software and field-capture devices

The position is based in the Restor office beside the River Limmat in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland and will involve some international travel. The role offers an opportunity to work with a small entrepreneurial organisation with strong links to the academic sector and with a deep commitment to applying scientific knowledge to improve restoration and conservation outcomes.

Salary: up to CHF100,000 depending on experience

Start date: as soon as possible

Contract type: 1 year with the possibility of extension

Location: Restor, Zurich, Switzerland

To apply, please send a cover letter and a CV to jobs@restor.eco.