Job Purpose

Leading afforestation and vegetation development projects in Sharaan Nature Reserve, initiate vegetation development projects within and beyond nature reserves. Leads public and community engagement plan in afforestation and vegetation developments activities.
Key Duties and Responsibilities
Functional Responsibilities
1. Lead large scale afforestation and vegeation development  for rehbiltation of degraded rangeland in Sharaan Nature Reserve
2. Lead the plan and initiate large scale afforestation and vegeation development for rehabilteation of degraded ecosystem in AlUla nature resereves.
3. Lead the development and adpoting high efficient afforestation and vegetation development technologies and best practices in arid envernments.
4. Lead the development of local community engagement plan in afforestation and vegeation development projects at AlUla.
5. Lead data colection, analyze data, and lead the design databass associated with remote sensing data, GIS maps, field collected data of afforestation and rangeland vegeation developlment projects.
6. Provide inputs to the developemnt of stratgery and action plan for ecosystem restoration and afforestation at AlUla.
7. Plan and initiate afforestation and tree planting activites and projects bynod AlUla nature reserves.
8. Develop employees and provide guidance and practical training for young professional.
9. Develop and maintain operational plans and budget for afforestation and vegeation development projects within and bynod nature reserves.
10. Actively develop and maintain afforestation and vegetation working partnerships with other government agencies and privite sector.
11. Develop training material and provide trainings specific to afforestation and vegeation deveoplment in arid environments.
12. Conducting natural resources and rangeland inventories and field assessments.
13. Coordinate with RCU depatments to plan and implement afforestation and vegetation development projects.
14. Ensure the prograss toward the acheivemntes of the department KPIs in tree planting and rangeland rehibilitation.
15. Work closely with international organizations to obtain recognition for afforestation and vegetation development projects in AlUla
16. Develep and submit monthly and annual reports to the administration/department.
17.  Perform any other job related duties as required by the direct Manager.

Job Requirements

Academic Qualifications
Bachelor’s Degree in Rangelands, Environmental Science, Forestry, Natural Resources, or equivalent (Masters Preferred).

Work Experience
8 years’ experience

Other Requirements

  • ·       Excellent communication skills.
  • ·       Database management and GIS knowledge and skills are preferred.
  • ·       Experience with the use of software for data recording and management.
  • ·       Knowledge of and experience of national and regional green initiatives is preferred.
  • ·       Demonstrated work experience on afforestation of desert and arid lands.
  • ·       Demonstrated work experience on leading projects in vegetation development and tree planting.

About Royal Commission for AlUla

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) was established to protect and safeguard AlUla, a region of outstanding natural and cultural significance in North-West Saudi Arabia. RCU is embarking on a long-term plan to develop and deliver a sensitive, sustainable transformation of the region, reaffirming it as one of country’s most important archaeological and cultural destinations and preparing it to welcome visitors from around the world. RCU’s development work in AlUla encompasses a broad range of initiatives across archaeology, tourism, culture, education and the arts, reflecting the ambitious commitment to cultivate tourism and leisure in Saudi Arabia, outlined in Vision 2030.