Marvel at the world’s largest single drop waterfall, walk amongst the rainforest canopy, search for wildlife and learn about sustainable ecotourism in Guyana, all while contributing to progressive conservation.



  • Marvel at the 741-foot high and 333-foot wide Kaieteur Falls, the largest single drop waterfall in the world

  • Walk along more than 500 feet of suspension bridges that sit at over 100 feet high in the treetops at the Canopy Walkway

  • Go upriver monitoring the mighty Essequibo River

  • Hike to the top of Turtle Mountain and enjoy the panaormaic views of the entire rainforest!

  • Go bird-watching with some of the best birding guides in the Amazon

  • Explore the Iwokrama forest trails and enjoy the serene ecolodges in absolute tranquility

  • Go searching for jaguars and caimans at night; search for monkeys and tapirs during the day


  • Learn about the impacts of tourism and the promise of sustainable ecotourism in Guyana, and learn about the world-renown conservation efforts of the Iwokrama International Center for Rainforest Conservation and Development (IIC)

  • Learn about the trees, animals, and ecological connections of Guyana’s flora and fauna


  • Experience the real contemporary culture of the Amerindian villages and in the capital of Georgetown, with some of the most authentic locals you will ever meet

  • Enjoy delicious Guyanese food, a unique combination of Creole and Indian dishes such as roti, curry chicken, chana, cook-up rice, pepperpot, cheeserolls, cheeseflaps, and bake

About Our Partner

Conservation Careers has teamed up with an organisation specialising in trips for environmentally-conscious adventurers. They focus on progressive conservation – the idea of doing more with less, rather than simply doing less, to tackle the problem of overconsumption. They accomplish this through environmental education, outreach, community development, and protected area funding.

“Many people hear the word conservation and think that we must conserve, or, in other words, use and do less. Overconsumption is a growing problem and there is a huge benefit in using less. This is something that our expeditions naturally highlight. However, our philosophy is that there is a big problem with doing less. We need to travel more, explore more, learn more, go faster, go farther, and push our limits. The solution then becomes not doing less, but rather doing more while using less. This is progressive conservation.”

Our partner explores all of these possibilities and more through interactive discussions and hands-on demonstrations. They talk about carbon sequestration and then see it in practice. They discuss wilderness preserves and explore their boundaries with rangers. They talk about water management and assist in river monitoring. Education and exploration go hand in hand.

As a guest you’ll take an active role in conservation, directly contributing to tropical rainforest conservation efforts. Every site you visit is part of a protected area or is affiliated with environmental research. This means that the money you pay for lodging, food, transportation, ranger guidance and excursions goes towards supporting protected areas. These areas then use the funding they receive for monitoring and patrolling within their boundaries, as well as for community development, outreach, and training.

Conservation initiatives you’ll help support in Guyana include:

  • 1 million acre forest reserve, split into a sustainable use area and wilderness preserve

  • Climate change mitigation through carbon sequestration

  • River monitoring and patrolling

  • Protection of the world’s highest single drop waterfall and surrounding ecosystem

If you register your interest below, we’ll put you in touch with our partner to take the booking and to plan your trip!

Conservation Impact

Conservation Careers has partnered with Terra Incognita to bring you tours and adventures that meet an Ethical Code of Conduct for Ecotourism, assuring you of their commitment to wildlife and local communities.

Conservation Careers is a Founding Partner of the Ethical Ecotourism Code of Conduct, which has been generated by a global community that includes over 80 ecotourism operators, industry experts, media representatives, local and Indigenous people and tourists.

Our Conservation Travel opportunities are for people who want their travel choices to have a net positive contribution to conservation. Explore all our Conservation Travel opportunities.


  • Support local sustainable businesses

  • Iwokrama Forest user fee contribution

  • Several protected area contributions

  • Carbon sequestration project

  • Witness research done by biologists

  • Locally-sourced food

Dates & Cost

Dates: Nov 22 – 27, 2021

Cost: $2700 USD


  • Beautiful accommodations

  • Airport pick-up

  • All in-country transportation

  • All meals

  • Snacks and drinks

  • All park/protected area fees

  • All guiding fees

  • Cultural activities

  • Sustainability learning

  • Participation in conservation programs

  • Field notebooks

  • T-shirt

  • Expert trip leader



  • Three daily meals

  • Snacks

  • Vegetarian/vegan options


  • Georgetown – El Dorado Inn

  • Jungle – Iwokrama River Lodge

  • Savannah – Rockview Lodge

COVID-19 policy and safety

Our partner’s COVID policy is to provide full refunds on cancellations, minus a 3% fee to cover payment processing charges.

They will provide participants with 60 – 90 days of notice if a trip will be postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19. However, as long as restrictions allow, trips will go on as planned for any bookings made.

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