Main duties and responsibilities:

–       Assist in the development and management of the conservation programme with a focus on practical field projects and community-led conservation activities based around the programme’s conservation strategy goals and stakeholder interests.

–        Manage and oversee field rangers, their activities and logistical organization including developing work plans, field data dissemination and presentation for partners and management.

–        Assist in conservation programme expansion with design and implementation of science-based projects with staff training, partner support and community outreach.

–        Able to act as field guide and communicate TTF conservation programme activities to tourists, clients, staff and visiting researchers when required.

–        Manage multiple priorities, develop work plans, set and meet deadlines, conduct standard reporting communications.

–        Provide the relevant data required by the Communications Manager, Project Officers, Conservation coordinator for TTF donor and internal reporting.

Oversight of role in main conservation programmes:

–        Crowned lemur conservation: Oversee ranger activities and data collection in the field, assisting in analysis and presentations to all stakeholders; government officials, research institutes, partner organizations, and communities concerned.

–        Sea turtle conservation: Oversee monitoring and data collection from rangers for reporting regularly to partners, management, research institutes and local communities.

–        Fisheries management: Oversee activities within established marine protected areas (MPA’s) and effectively communicate benefits of MPA’s and sustainable fishing practises to fishing associations and local communities.

–        Coral reef restoration: Assist in reef restoration activities and development of GIS monitoring procedures for spatial planning and management. Support partnership development to ensure activities are well managed, adaptable and scientifically led.

–        Reforestation activities: Assist in the development of reforestation nurseries on Nosy Ankao and Amparihirano and management of reforestation events with staff and local communities.

–        Community outreach: Lead an outreach programme for effective conservation education and messaging to local schools, communities and fishing associations, developing supportive partnerships and a range of communication tools and materials.

–       Programme expansion: Identify gaps in the conservation programme and possibilities for expansion aligned with TTF strategy goals and capacities.

The Time + Tide Foundation is a fluid organization that has and will continue to change and adapt as it grows. You are therefore requested to be flexible with your role and responsibilities, set an example as a team player and manager and be prepared to adapt your daily and overarching priorities as and when required.


–        Graduate degree in biology, conservation or environmental science or similar fields.

–        3+ years’ work experience in a conservation or environmental programme with a focus on both community-led and scientific research activities. Marine conservation experience preferred.

–        Fluent French and English language skills, both in written and oral form. Malagasy an added advantage

–        PADI Advanced Open Waters or equivalent scuba diving license with 50+ dives and confidence in water to swim, freedive and oversee others in the water.

–        Computer literate being proficient in Microsoft Office with advanced skills in database management, statistical analysis, technical reporting and presentation.

–        Clear and confident communicator for management staff, TTF partners and local communities.

–        Understand and respect local communities and customs with the ability to educate effectively.

About Time + Tide Foundation

Time + Tide Foundation who operates from the Nosy Ankao eco-lodge, Miavana by Time + Tide, has created a conservation programme to focus efforts on protecting biodiversity and natural heritage in the region by promoting eco-tourism, supporting community-led conservation initiatives, preventing destructive fishing and forestry practices and developing key partnerships to research and address larger conservation issues. Nosy Ankao is remotely located with limited artisanal fishing and where sustainable fishing practices are encouraged as the island lies within a marine protected area, which Time + Tide Foundation safeguards. Time + Tide Foundation also leads a renowned crowned lemur conservation programme that undertakes lemur translocations from high-risk areas to Nosy Ankao and then works with communities to address these risks by promoting conservation education and reforestation activities before lemurs can be safely relocated.