Job details:

  • Salary: £21,697 to £26,460 a year, dependent on experience
  • Location: Home based anywhere in the UK
  • Hours: Full time – 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday, 7 hours a day 
  • Position Type: Paid 
  • Contract Type: Fixed-term 24 month contract (with 6 month probation period), with potential to extend dependent on performance and funding availability

Annual leave: 30 days

Application dates:

  • Closing:  11 p.m. 11 November 2019
  • Proposed interview dates: 19-20 November 2019
  • Candidate selection: 30 November 2019
  • Proposed start date: 6 January 2020

WildTeam UK

WildTeam UK (www.wildteam.org.uk) is a registered UK charity. Our mission is to support the conservation of biodiversity through building the capacity of organisations and individuals around the world to carry out effective conservation.

Job description

WildTeam UK are seeking a conservationist to join our small and dynamic team in the position of WildFire Coordinator, reporting directly to the Executive Director. The focus of the position will be to build, manage, and grow a conservation professionals network called WildFire (see link). At first, the job will be to build the network online, but will later expand to enabling network members to meet in person. This document provides a good outline of what the online aspect of this work will entail.

The most important qualities we look for in all our employees are a positive attitude and “one team” approach. We recruit people who are highly motivated to support nature conservation, take responsibility for their work, can solve complex problems, have a fearless attitude, and are ready for a challenge.

This position will suit someone with the experience and skills listed in Table 1, and the attitudes described in Table 2.


Table 1. Responsibilities, experience, and skills requirements.

Responsibilities Experience Skills
1. Network building
Engaging key audiences Experience building professional relationships within the conservation community (D)


Experience coordinating projects or networks in conservation or other sectors (D)




Excellent people communication skills with professional, friendly, and helpful approach (E)


Knowledge of the conservation sector (E)


General online/digital/ software skills (E)


Social media communication skills (D)


Public speaking and general presentation skills (D)


Development, maintenance, and use of contact database in MailChimp or equivalent software (D)

2. Data protection
Conducting all digital marketing activities in line with relevant UK legislation and best practice N/A Familiarity with current and upcoming changes to UK data protection legislation and best practice relevant to digital marketing (D)

Note: E = essential, and D = desirable. 

Table 2. WildTeam values and attitudes.

Values Attitude/behaviour Examples
Believing in people
(the one team approach)
WildTeam love Concerned primarily with achieving WildTeam vision
Thinks of and/or positively participates in some activities to bind the team together
Helping others Seeks out people in other workstreams for collaboration; contributing individually and supporting others
Helps and encourages people in other conservation organisations, and treats them as partners
Respecting each other Listens to and accurately captures others’ expectations, ideas and concerns. Asks for clarification when unclear on something
Uses professional, polite and respectful tone / words when interacting with all WildTeam staff and people outside WildTeam during the course of work
Understands and values other staff / work streams / activities
Trusting each another Assumes others in WildTeam have good motivations / make decisions in the best interests of WildTeam / speak truthfully
Supports final decisions irrespective of personal opinion or understanding of rational

Spends time to explain the rationale of the decision to other members of staff where any misunderstanding remains

Celebrating and encouraging diversity Actively encourages and / or celebrates differences in thought, ways of doing things, appearances, and personal lifestyle choices
Being grounded in reality Looking for facts Actively searches for key and relevant evidence to base decisions / suggestions / actions on
Communicating  clearly Is clear, concise and thorough when giving directions / explanations and responding to questions
Speaks the truth in a respectful  /  thoughtful way for the benefit of conservation
Acting fearlessly Keeping a cool head Keeps professional, positive, calm and level-headed, keeping focus on the best course of action for the team, even during times of difficulty
Deciding efficiently Makes clear, prompt, and well rationalised decisions which are in the best interest of WildTeam’s vision, with appropriate levels of consultation
Keeping on track Sticks by group/individual decisions that are difficult / unpopular if in best interest of the team  / conservation
Innovating Looks for and proposes or tries new ways to improve current practices or overcome difficulties when necessary
Being accountable Takes responsibility for own words / actions / mistakes and their impact on others / organisation / own development
Always learning Actively looking for, using, sharing, and being appreciative of feedback
Spends time to develop new skills or learn about new developments in conservation practises
Celebrating nature Spending time in nature Taking time out from office work to explore and enjoy the nature you are helping to save
Sharing your love of nature with others Telling others about your work or what you love about nature through WildTeam or other outlets
Making work fun Making work and team interactions as fun and friendly as possible

How to apply

Please mark your application “WildFire Coordinator” and send the following to [email protected] :

  • Your CV
  • A covering letter (1 page max, font size 12) that describes why you want to join WildTeam, and why you are interested in this post. Please indicate where you saw this position advertised, but please do not reproduce the information provided in your CV.

Applicants not short-listed for interview will not receive a reply. The successful candidate must have permission to work in the UK. No agencies please.

The first interview will last an hour and will likely take place via Skype. A second interview may be required and referees will only be contacted once a conditional job offer has been made.