What’s it like to work for The RSPB?

  • Professor Steve Ormerod – An Ecologist’s Career

    Steve Ormerod is Professor of Ecology in Cardiff University’s School of Biosciences and current Chairman of the RSPB Council – the biggest wildlife charity in Europe. His conservation career so far includes the following highlights: the winner of the Marsh Award for Marine and Freshwater Conservation, Chief Editor of the Journal of Applied Ecology; President […] READ MORE

  • RSPB Conservation Science Award winner Alienor Chauvenet

    Alienor Chauvenet is a quantitative ecologist and recent winner of the RSPB Conservation Science Award. She works as an ecological modeller for the National Wildlife Management Centre in York, and as a research assistant at the Institute of Zoology in London. With two jobs in two cities 250 miles from each other, she lives a […] READ MORE

  • VIDEO – Professor Rhys Green talks about his RSPB career in conservation science

    The RSPB offer a diverse range of roles from internships to post-grad opportunities to permanent positions. In this short video, Professor Rhys Green tells us about his RSPB career in conservation science. If you’d like to read more about working for the RSPB, and their paid voluntary and internship opportunities, please click here. Conservation Careers Advice […] READ MORE

  • Fighting for birds with Dr Mark Avery

    Mark is the former RSPB Conservation Director and has been called Britain’s premier wildlife blogger. He worked for the RSPB for 25 years – and spent 13 years as their Conservation Director. Mark’s knowledge about nature conservation in the UK is without par, and he cares deeply about the sustainability of wildlife in the modern world. The […] READ MORE

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