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If you want to spend your career helping wildlife but are feeling a little lost, disillusioned or stuck?

If you’re stuck in a job you hate, and want to be a conservationist?

If you’re studying and worried about the job hunt when you graduate?

If you’re looking for work right now, but are failing to get your first conservation job?

If you feel the career support you’re getting just isn’t good enough?

Then, you’re in the right place!

Enjoy a rewarding and exciting career!

Imagine waking up on a Monday morning excited about your job, not dreading it... Knowing that what you’ll be doing will be interesting, rewarding and will make a real difference.

“The best part of being a conservationist is knowing that your career really means something, and that you’re having a really positive impact on the things you love” Dr Nick Askew.

Much bigger than you might imagine, the conservation industry is a large, expanding and diversifying sector with a dizzying array of roles for early-career job seekers.

On Conservation Careers to date we’ve listed 19,247 conservation jobs covering 12,356 different job titles.

With thousands of conservation jobs available each year across the globe, there’s a role to suit you and we can help you to find and secure it.

Success is VERY possible

Conservation Careers was founded by Dr Nick Askew – a professional conservationist for over 20 years’ experience working across the academic, public, private, charity and enterprise sectors.

“My career has taken me from the meadows of the Lower Derwent Valley (UK) to the remote islands of the Pacific and dozens of countries in-between. I’ve raised over £2,500,000 for conservation projects across 120 countries, and helped thousands of people find work. I’m also usually modest ... but I want to inspire you that you can do it, and success in this sector is VERY possible!”

During his career Nick was asked many times ‘how do I get a job in conservation’ and felt that there should be much better support for people wishing to work in wildlife conservation.  

He founded Conservation Careers to better answer that question.

Building the Conservation Careers Academy

In order to build the Conservation Careers Academy, Nick and his team spoke to over 500 of professional conservationists and shared their career stories, advice, tips and much more. These include conservation leaders such as:

RSPB Chief Executive | Dr Mike Clark

WWF Director General | Dr Marco Lambertini

BirdLife International Chief Executive Officer | Patricia Zurita

ZSL Director General | Dominic Jermey OBE

IUCN Director General | Julia Marton-Lefèvre

Cambridge University Chair of Conservation Biology | Professor Bill Sutherland

And over 500 more…

They also reviewed and shared over 20,000 conservation jobs from across the planet, refined hundreds of CVs, resumes and cover letters, and helped dozens of people prepare for successful interviews.

“We were constantly seeking to find an accurate, honest and effective answer to that key important question: how do I get a conservation job? And after five years of work … we cracked the code!”

The Conservation Careers Academy

The Conservation Careers Academy contains the best career-boosting resources, training and support from the leading experts in the conservation industry.

As a member you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re getting your career on the right track quickly, and that you’re not alone.

Included in the Conservation Careers Academy are 11 ways to make saving the planet your day job (plus some extra bonuses):

  • Conservation Jobs – Get access to THE WORLD’S BIGGEST CONSERVATION JOB BOARD, with over 6,000 jobs from across the globe enjoyed by our members each year. Covering all job types and levels, we work especially hard to find the early career roles so important to get your career going. As a member you can also bookmark, add notes and set up unlimited job alerts. Don’t let your dream job slip you by…
  • Conservation Experiences – Search through hundreds of conservation Internships, Volunteerships and Expeditions from across the globe. We know some experiences can be expensive … and constantly strive to uncover those precious free (or even paid) opportunities for our members to enjoy. As a member, if you choose to enrol in one of our approved Conservation Careers Partner experiences, we’ll also provide you a free place on our next ‘Kick-starter for early career conservationists’ online course.
  • Career Training – Explore hundreds of career-boosting courses, training-events, Masters Degrees, online courses and much more. Many of these courses are totally free, and can really boost your employability; helping you to stand out from the crowd. Plus, get priority access to, and amazing discounts on, workshops and online courses run by Conservation Careers, and our growing selection of Conservation Careers Partners.
  • Support Community – Get support, ask questions, share experiences, network with like-minded people, and much more in our private Conservation Careers Academy Facebook group. You’re not alone.
  • Careers Classroom – Join in with our regular live classroom events covering the key elements of finding work in the conservation sector. Topics include how to apply for a conservation job, the conservation job market, how to choose the right job for you etc. Miss the classroom? Don’t worry we’ll send you recordings, and you’ll get access to our growing archive of training videos.
  • Career Explorer – Want to know which conservation employers are located in your area? Need to know the entry-level requirements for a certain job type? Or perhaps what are the job types within a corner of the industry? As a member you can explore an-ever growing library of over 20,000 conservations jobs from across the globe. An invaluable tool in your career exploration and planning.
  • Employer Connect - Showcase your CV or resume in our featured talent pool used by employers and recruiters. You can also link to your LinkedIn profile for people to find out more and connect with you.
  • Live Chat – Got a question? Enjoy live chat support from one of our advisers in the Academy. If we’re offline, we’ll respond via email as quickly as we can.
  • Careers Advice - Access hundreds of careers advice articles, interviews, podcasts and have our world-famous careers advice newsletter dropped neatly into your inbox each week.
  • Application & Interview Support – Enjoy special members-only discounts on all our services such as CV, Resume and Application checking and practice Interviews. We’ve got your back, and can help you to get hired much quicker.
  • Get Paid – We know money can be tight as a conservation job seeker. Our packages are really affordable, and as a member you get access to our unique Conservation Careers Affiliate Programme. This enables you to earn in return for recommending Conservation Careers to your friends.

Don’t take our word for it

“I can safely say that without Conservation Careers I probably would still be working in a pub in Manchester and applying for my dream jobs, unsuccessfully. I now work in one of the most beautiful places in the west of Scotland, get to see amazing wildlife every day and through that teach and inspire people about the importance of conserving our natural world” Kilian Hughes, Scotland.

“Thanks to Conservation Careers, I am currently working for RiverCare and BeachCare, a Keep Britain Tidy project that supports local volunteer teams to conduct regular river and beach cleans and wildlife surveys. I genuinely love the job and couldn’t be more grateful to you for helping me to get it!!” Catherine Holborn, UK.

“Thanks so much!  Conservation Careers is such a fantastic service. I am recommending it to other people! I'm pleased to say that I got an offer and have accepted it!” Chloe Hardman, USA.

“Conservation Careers has helped me a lot. Thanks to you, I have decided to follow the conservation path and I am currently preparing an exam to join the environmental department at the Government in Spain as a conservation specialist. I am really looking forward to pass the test and join the conservation team!” Marina Pecellin, Germany.

“Thank you, again, for all your help, you have really provided me with some great opportunities and I have no doubt this has helped me get into my current role at ZSL” Emma Ackerley, UK.

“I'm currently job hunting and Conservation Careers is invaluable to me at the moment - I'm so grateful for such a wonderful resource!” Jo Alexander, South Africa.

“Thanks and congratulations on such a great service Conservation Careers! I found it extremely useful when writing my CV after uni and getting advice for job applications!” Claire Underhill – UK.

“Conservation Careers has been such a beacon of hope and opportunity for not only myself, but my classmates. It's provided an amazing point of reference for the opportunities available out there, and I know many of my peers (myself included) consult it regularly, and have had job successes through it. Thank you for providing this service to early career job seekers like us!” Ruby Finlen - Australia.

"Conservation Careers has undoubtedly been the number one resource in my own job search and it does so within what feels like an inclusive community, which is fantastic, especially when you're job hunting!" Bryn Morgan - England.

“When I saw my dream job come up I knew I couldn’t miss my chance! I decided to get the help and advice from Conservation Careers and, guess what, it paid off: I got the job!” Lise Goudeseune - Belgium.

“This was such a great experience! I’ve received high quality advice and support! During my application process I felt as if I have my own team supporting me. Following received guidance I have learned much more than I would on my own. Total recommendation” Karolina Kass - Canada.

“I have been extremely happy with the service that Conservation Careers has provided, and I have secured a job through using the site” Craig Turley - England.

“Conservation Careers has been a great help as I sought to make a career switch into conservation. I used it extensively in the past few months. It's a fantastic portal for anyone looking to start or further their career in conservation who might need a little help. I've found the career tips very helpful and thanks to Conservation Careers I have also located a post-graduate course that will give me some field experience and the skills I need for the future” Karen Sim Clerk - Singapore.

“Dear Conservation Careers, I have cancelled my membership because … I got a job. Yay!! Thank you for being such a great resource for all of us who have the dream and passion to work in conservation :)” Jacki Smith - Australia.


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  • How to apply for a conservation job |A step-by-step guide for successful CVs, Resumes, Cover Letters and Application Forms (RRP £14.99).
  • Careers Advice for Conservationists | Tips based on interviews with 342 professional conservationists from around the world with over 1,734 combined years of experience (RRP £9.99).

If you're hunting for a conservation job, or looking to switch careers into conservation, these are two absolute must-reads.

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