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At Conservation Careers, we believe biodiversity needs diversity. We urgently need more perspectives, voices, ideas and expertise to create a world in which wildlife thrives.

Celebrating Diversity in Conservation is a new initiative to share careers advice from professional conservationists from every corner of the planet. Our ultimate goal is to showcase conservationists from each and every country worldwide!

Are you a professional conservationist from an underrepresented country or region? Share your story and help empower more promising conservationists to take action for wildlife!

Why get involved?

We’ll share your career story with students, career switchers and job seekers worldwide on our Careers Advice blog. Your insights and advice will help aspiring conservationists overcome barriers to careers in wildlife conservation.

Help us create a more diverse conservation sector in which all conservationists can have career success!

Are you ready to share your story with a global community of 400,000 conservationists?

We’d love to hear from you if you:

  • Are from an underrepresented country or region.
  • Currently work in (or have previously worked in) your country of origin.
  • Have at least 5 years’ professional experience in conservation.
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Help us fill the gaps!

Below we’ve listed all the countries and regions worldwide, and the number of conservation careers advice interviews we have shared for each. Help us fill the gaps! Are you or someone you know a professional conservationist from one of our missing or underrepresented countries or regions? Share your conservation career story and help spread the word! PS: We’re working hard to update this list, but with 500 careers advice articles published to date we’re not quite there yet. Stay tuned!