The five golden rules of internship success

“Most interns don’t have a clue because nobody has told them the golden rules”, tells careers guru Mike Pegg. If you follow these five simple steps in your next internship, volunteer post or paid post, you’ll make yourself utterly invaluable.


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On the way to work, think about the positive things you want to do and how you want to encourage people that day“, said Mike. “When you get to work, you need to do the following”:

1. Look people in the eye, shake their hand and use their name.

2. Volunteer for everything.

3. Do a superb job and check everything three times before you hand it in.

4. Give them the work back, thank them for the opportunity to do it and volunteer for the next job.

5. When you go home at night, write down three things you’ve learnt that day about actually being successful in the world of work.


Mike PeggMike Pegg has spent the past 45 years helping people to build on their strengths and achieve their picture of success. His approach has always been to study, simplify and share what works. This has led to providing practical tools that people have used to build super teams and superb organisations. Follow Mike on Twitter.

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