Podcast: James Bartram | President of IUCN Canada

What would have happened if we’d started engaging young people in the conservation movement much earlier? Would we be seeing more action, impact and progress within the sector now as a result? 

And how can we address diversity and inclusion issues, in a sector that traditionally has been dominated by white men from relatively affluent backgrounds? 

These are some of the topics we discuss in today’s episode with the President of IUCN Canada, James Bartram.  

James is an inspiring figure within the conservation movement.  

He describes himself as a change agent, building high functioning teams with real impact, always striving to work himself out of a job.  

He believes youth are the hope of the world, and has lead teams of over 100 educators – tripling annual budgets from $3 to $9 million, and taking program participants from 200,000 to half a million. 

We cover a lot of really interesting ground in this chat, and it’s one of those episodes where the pre-recording chat was so fascinating that we just hit record and kept going.  




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