Podcast: Josh Powell | National Geographic Explorer & WWF Voices Presenter

Josh-Powell-podcastHave you ever met someone and thought to yourself, how has this person done so much in such a short space of time?

I felt like that speaking to today’s inspiring guest – Josh Powell.

Joshua is a conservation biologist and presenter for the WWF Voices campaign on global biodiversity, covering conservation issues from the High Arctic to the Antarctic.

In 2017, as a National Geographic Explorer, Josh co-founded Rangers Without Borders, a conservation research programme working with wildlife rangers in Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

Josh is currently completing a PhD at the Zoological Society of London and UCL on Amur tiger conservation in north-eastern Asia.

And as an advisor for The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust on environment and society, Josh was recently named one of The Explorers Club 50: Fifty People Changing the World.

He’s a busy guy.

In this episode we talk about what drives him in his career, how he’s managed to open so many doors to opportunities and he shares some fantastic advice for what you can do to follow in his impressive footsteps.

It’s in aspiring and wide-ranging chat, so let’s dive in!




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Links & Resources

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Check out Josh’s ZSL profile to learn more about his research on Amur tigers.

Here’s a full list of useful resources mentioned in the podcast:

Tips for other scholarships: There are lots of other scholarships for studying in the USA (i.e. Kennedy Scholarship) and UK (Rhodes Scholarship, Gates-Cambridge, Mitchell Scholarship, Marshal Scholarship, Fulbright). Students from, or wishing to study in, other countries, should be aware that scholarships are often available and it is worth checking the individual university website (e.g. Monash Scholarships for Australia).

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