Podcast: Dr Nick Askew | Conservation Careers

Do you think conservation jobs are just about watching and studying wildlife? Are you curious about what exists beyond research in the conservation sector? Do you want to know if it’s possible (and easy) to pivot into non-research jobs – like business, nonprofit or social enterprise?

Then you’ll love this special podcast episode from two researchers who successfully diversified their careers (and impact)!

Dr Nick Askew, Founder and Director of Conservation Careers joins Dr Stephanie Schuttler on the Fancy Scientist podcast. They discuss Nick’s background, how he pivoted from a PhD research project in barn owls to working for a consulting agency, nonprofit, and then starting his own social enterprise – Conservation Careers.

Tune in to discover a whole world beyond research!




Your top questions answered

Nick and Stephanie answer questions like:

  • What is a conservation career?
  • Is it possible to pivot from research to non-research jobs? Or are other skills needed?
  • How should students start planning for conservation careers?
  • How have conservation careers changed over the years?
  • Where are the opportunities in conservation careers?
  • Which jobs are the least competitive? Most lucrative?
  • What does it mean when you are applying for hundreds of jobs with no response?
  • And MORE!

Links & Resources

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