Podcast | Jade Brudenell | Conservation Collective

When wildlife is in decline the world over, how do we raise more funds for conservation, and ensure these funds are spent to have the greatest impact locally?

Today’s guest thinks she has found the answer.

Jade Brudenell is the Executive Director of the Conservation Collective, an organisation with a mission to increase the amount of funding available for the most effective front-line nature restoration initiatives.

They do this by connecting donors with a close affinity to a specific location, with local foundations who then re-grant the funding to grass-roots conservation initiatives to protect the environment, restore nature and safeguard against climate change.

It’s an innovative, scalable and exciting model.

During the podcast Jade tells us the story of Conservation Collective, and how they are securing new funds within the sector to create impact.

We also discuss the importance of fundraising skills within the sector, along with her career story and what she looks for when hiring new staff.

It’s a wide-ranging, fascinating and honest discussion about one of the most important issues facing conservationists. Enjoy.




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Links & Resources

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