The Human Swan | Sacha Dench (Conservation Without Borders)

How can storytelling help to tackle some of the biggest issues of our time, like climate change and biodiversity loss?

And what role can migratory birds play, like swans and ospreys?

To talk about these issues and many more is today’s guest, Sacha Dench. Sacha is the CEO of Conservation Without Borders, which organises inspiring expeditions following the paths of migratory birds, along the lines of both geographical and political borders.

By displaying the flyways from the air, land and sea, they help to highlight the importance of collective action in the fight against climate change and biodiversity collapse.

Sacha is an adventurer, a conservationist, a champion freediver, and is known as the human swan for her paramotor journey in 2016 following the Bewick’s Swan’s migration from the Russian Arctic all the way to the UK.

We spoke to her in the final days before her latest expedition, from the UK, through Europe and into Africa, charting the flight of the Osprey, and the impacts of climate change on migratory birds.

In this episode, we talk about the realities of climate change and the importance of storytelling and communications for conservation, and how to stay hopeful and optimistic for the future.

Sacha also shares her inspiring career so far, along with her top advice for people like you who might be seeking to follow in her footsteps.

It’s a wide-ranging, enjoyable and really eye-opening chat. Enjoy.





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Links & Resources

Visit Sacha Dench’s website and Conservation Without Borders to learn more about Sacha’s exciting work.

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