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LIVING, LEARNING, WORKING FOR WILDLIFE This 12 week nature conservation traineeship is suitable for anyone who has an interest in nature. Whether you are on a conservation pathway or are looking to broaden your horizons, this immersive programme offers practical wildlife and personal development experiences based in the gorgeous Dart valley, South Devon. There are

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9 reviews on “12 week Nature Conservation Training Course

    Shirley van der Horst on

    A great team of engaged and friendly people that teach with an effective, hands-on method that really boosts learning and makes the participant feel confident in what they learn. Independence is encouraged throughout, but the team is always there if some guidance is required. I feel it really boosted both my knowledge and my willingness to just jump into activities feet first and try to make the most out of it. Highly recommend them!

    Laetitia craig on

    Ámbitos is a serious, professional organisation with a kind, caring and expert team. I’d recommend their courses to anyone that shares a passion for nature, hands on learning and the outdoors.

    Cláudia Lopes on

    Highly recommended! The professional staff is very good at what they do, and their friendliness helps to turn the learning more fun and stress-free, while making you feel right at home. I feel like what I learned during the training is already helping me in my professional life, and will continue to do so. This training also helped me grow as a person, for now, I am much more comfortable in engaging people and in taking action in projects out of my comfort zone.

    Inês Guise on

    This is a fantastic group with very friendly people, that will not only help and guide you, as they will also transmit (a lot of) their knowledge about nature conservation.
    There are several activities and tasks that you are proposed to complete, and every day is a day to learn and put in practice something exciting.
    These training courses give opportunity for personal growth, create space for independence, deep learning and they are also highly enjoyable.
    I feel that this was one of the greatest experiences I had to enrich my professional path, but it is as well  a great opportunity if you just want to learn more about nature conservation.
    Fully recommended, thank you, Ambios!

    David Ramsden MBE on

    Ambios have a remarkable track record of running projects that have provided ‘work experience’, ‘training placements’ and similar CV-building programmes that for many participants have turned out to be literally ‘life changing’. Potential employers look for ‘relevant experience’ and that’s precisely what Ambios provides in abundance.

    Marc Vilella on

    By joining this Ambios course I had the opportunity to learn not only about the large amount of possibilities that we have to work in conservation, but also about the advantages of working in a team of volunteers that have the aim of making the Earth a better home for all living beings. Investigation and divulgation are basic in nature conservation, and Ambios does both of them thanks to an amazing team of passionate professionals.

    Pedro Freitas on

    In 2018 I decided to enrol in an internship abroad, at Ambios LSF, Ltd. This was an essential step in my studies taking into consideration that this organisation is specialised in nature conservation training, with the UK as a start point. This journey was rewarding giving the fact that helped me to build up not only my professional skills, but also my social skills and my self-confidence (e.g. working with people with learning disabilities and giving oral presentations to a wide public). During this placement I attended training in QGIS, camera trapping, bird monitoring (e.g. on woodland, farmland and wetland), habitat management (e.g. grassland, woodland and farmland), grassland surveys, UK employment network, Red List Species status and application of the EU Birds Directive, among others.
    Overall this was a great experience and I surely recommend it.

    Teresa Coelho on

    Well, all I can say is that this trainning was the best thing that have ever happened to me! Loved every single thing! Amazing people, so caring and supportive, they have no ideia of how much they taught us, it’s crazy. I was able to design and execute my own scienfic project, wich I loved and learnd a lot through it, and all the clases we had, the participation in several concervation projects, feeling confident about my english, the landscape and the trips to the natural parks, the oportunities that i got from being there, the people i met…oh well “thank you” is not enough <3 loved it!

    Sergio on

    I joined them trying yo empathize a bit more with the nature. As my target was prsctising English, know new people and helping them, I succed building a cabin with Martin (one of the guys that gave a hand).
    It’s been quite nice and everyone os really helpfull and friendly.

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