Posted: 1 year ago

If you’ve ever felt like…

“Ugh, I want to become a professional wildlife conservationist, but it seems so frustrating and overwhelming.”

“I don’t even know where to START.”

“How will I find the time to discover clarity, purpose and excitement about my career?”

“I want to be working in a career that helps protect the planet and have confidence that I’m making a difference – like THAT!” snaps fingers

… Then you’ll want to join us this Friday for our special career switcher panel discussion!

On Friday we’re sharing real stories from real people who have switched careers into wildlife conservation.

Whether you’re like Lloyd who became a Director at the Sussex Dolphin Project, and Operations Director at the Blue Planet Society…

Or you’re like Kate who landed her dream job as Head of Communications at Whitley Fund for Nature…

Or you’re like Magda who secured a position as Programme Officer with IUCN Academy

Or you’re like Carley who landed a job with The Nature Conservancy

How would it feel to see your path into conservation so you can make the leap with confidence, clarity and a plan that gets results?

Imagine if you were helping protect the planet and working in a career that brings you confidence that you’re making a difference?

See how it’s possible by hearing these inspiring success stories!

Join us live:

Date: Friday 30 June
Time: 7:30pm UK time (GMT)
Zoom link:
Passcode: 196510
*If Zoom is full, please tune in to our YouTube channel for the live stream.