The primary responsibility of this position will be to conduct intertidal and subtidal surveys of shellfish populations and habitats in coastal estuaries as a member of the SEACOR (Shellfish and Estuarine Assessment of Coastal Oregon) team. This position will participate in other ecological studies of shellfish populations to address resource management needs (e.g. Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) flights to map eelgrass; acoustic surveys to map bathymetry and habitats), conduct laboratory analyses of SEACOR field samples (e.g. grain size analysis), and help maintain SEACOR field equipment and boats. This position will record shellfish population and habitat data into field data sheets, ArcGIS Apps on tablets in the field, and Access databases. This position will help maintain the quality control of SEACOR data, participate in data analysis of SEACOR datasets, assist with writing of technical reports, and participate in SEACOR and Shellfish Program outreach events.

Outdoor work includes frequent visits to shellfish sampling locations at irregular hours in all kinds of weather. This position mainly conducts field work in estuaries and tidal mud flats, and can be physically demanding. Employee will occasionally work independently under adverse weather conditions in semi-remote areas.

Requirements and Skills:

  • A degree in fisheries, biology, ecology, or marine sciences with the following related skills and experience.
  • Fieldwork in marine intertidal systems.
  • Small boat handling, operation, safety, and maintenance.
  • Knowledge of shellfish species, fisheries, and estuarine habitats; knowledge of experimental design and gear preparation.
  • Experience or familiarity with analytical software packages, such as relational databases (e.g., Microsoft Access), spatial mapping (e.g., ArcGIS), and data management and analysis in coding language (e.g., R statistical computing).