To support those who would like to attend a WildTeam training workshop but are unable to afford the full cost, WildTeam UK can offer some partial financial assistance via additional discounts towards the cost of a place on one of our workshops.

We set aside a total of £700 for each online workshop.

A proportion of our bursary fund for each workshop is ring-fenced for individuals from countries where capacity and access to resources is limited, who are working on or studying important wildlife conservation issues.

For nationals working or from countries defined by the world bank as low or middle-income*, we offer bursaries of up to 70%. For all other countries, bursaries of up to 40% are offered. We never offer 100% bursaries. If money is still a challenge, please get in touch to discuss options (beth@wildteam.org.uk)

Bursaries are allocated at our discretion and when making our decision on whether to offer a bursary and how much to offer, we give priority to (a) those who would gain the most from attending (i.e. those who clearly evidence a benefit in terms of career progression or increased conservation impact) and (b) those in greatest need of financial support.

Please remember when applying that we are a charity and the amount of money we can offer in bursaries is limited. Every pound we give to you is a pound we cannot offer to someone else.

Please also note these discounts only apply to WildTeam training workshops (i.e. not those co-run with another organisation).

Unfortunately, we cannot cover travel and accommodation costs in any circumstances (we wish we could!).

We will assess your application and get back to you within 10 days with a response. Please note that if we send you a discount code you will only have 48 hours to use it. Please check your junk mail in case an email from us is hiding in there.