Join us on 20 November as we discuss the many ways you could embark on an ethical adventure in 2022! At this Open Day you’ll learn about our marine conservation programs in Mexico and our community development programs in Costa Rica. We’ll also be hearing from an industry expert about six major challenges facing the planet right now (and how we can help).

When: Sat 20 November
2 pm – 4 pm and 7-9pm (London time, GMT)

Where: Zoom (link will be sent to all those who sign up via email & SMS)


  • Talk 1: Finding the right GVI program for you (15 mins)
  • Talk 2: Community development in Cimarrones, Costa Rica (20 mins)
  • Talk 3: What are the world’s major problems and how can I help? (10 mins)
  • Talk 4: My GVI experience (past participant) (15 mins)
  • Talk 5: Conservation in Puerto Morelos, Mexico (20 mins)
  • Talk 6: Virtual internships: how to make an impact remotely (20 mins)
  • Talk 7:  Why GVI? (20 mins)

TO SIGN UP OR LEARN MORE: http://go.gviworld.com/gvi-open-day/