Immerse yourself in the heart of the Amazon rainforest while contributing to the well-being of rescued animals in an extraordinary wildlife sanctuary. Housing over 200 animals ranging from monkeys to forest cats, birds to caimans, and tortoises to rodents, get hands on with many animals who need your care and help. These creatures hail from diverse backgrounds, having been kept in zoos, illegally as pets, involved in traffic accidents, or smuggled in the illicit pet trade. While efforts are made to rehabilitate them into the wild, regrettably for some, it’s not always feasible.

Encompassing approximately 8 hectares of enchanting woodland, the sanctuary provides a vibrant, natural setting for around 35 different species. Volunteers fully immerse themselves in sanctuary life, gaining unparalleled experience in animal care. Depending on circumstances, you might even have the chance to visit the wild release site, especially when a release is imminent during your volunteering stint in Ecuador. Listen to the melodic calls of birds, observe playful monkeys, and witness firsthand the transformative lives of rescued animals.

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  • Volunteer Role: Volunteers engage in a variety of animal care tasks, including but not limited to:
  • Food Preparation: Chop up food, dispense vitamins, and ensure proper nourishment for the animals.
  • Feeding Rounds: Conduct rounds throughout the sanctuary, providing food and water to the rescued animals.
  • Cleaning: Maintain clean and habitable enclosures to ensure the well-being of the animals.
  • Enrichments: Assist in creating enrichments to stimulate the animals’ instincts and promote their well-rounded development.
  • General Maintenance: Undertake tasks such as building enclosures, painting, or basic DIY projects to ensure the overall upkeep of the sanctuary.
  • Monitoring Animal Behaviour: Observe and ensure that animals are adapting well to their new surroundings.
  • Preparing for Release: Ensure both the animals and the release site are adequately prepared before any planned release.
  • Cooking Duty: Participate in cooking duties to support the preparation of meals, even though food is provided by the sanctuary.
  • Cleaning Duty: Contribute to maintaining cleanliness in living areas, fostering a hygienic environment for volunteers.

Quick Facts

  • Available for 2-12 weeks
  • Meet and greet service in Quito included
  • Available starting every Sunday of the year
  • 17+ years for solo travellers
  • Spanish lessons available
  • Prices start from £950 including accommodation, food and transfers

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“My first week was absolutely brilliant. I am loving the work, the animals, the scenery, the location, the people and even the weather. Tomorrow we are going to the reserve to release some animals that are good to go; a tree porcupine and two turtles.” Alex 4 weeks

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