Embarking on a transformative journey, you have the extraordinary opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of mistreated bears up in the breathtaking Carpathian mountains. These majestic creatures, once subjected to trophy hunting, forced performances, and confinement, are finding refuge in the world’s largest bear sanctuary, just outside Brasov.



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Your mission is to assist at this sanctuary, established in 2006 and now home to over 100 bears. Nestled amidst the Romanian landscape, the sanctuary offers densely forested enclosures with water pools and abundant food, fostering the rehabilitation and well-being of these loveable brown bears.

Days will be spent actively participating in the bears’ care, from preparing their nourishment to ensuring their overall health. Observing their playful antics and aiding in providing general rehabilitation happiness will be part of this rewarding experience.

Accommodation will be in a cozy self-catering flat in the heart of medieval Brasov, just minutes away from vibrant restaurants, bars, and cafes. This provides a comfortable base for both rest and reflection after your days at the sanctuary.

During your free time, explore the hidden gem of Eastern Europe – Romania. With the Carpathian Mountains as a breathtaking backdrop, you can enjoy scenic walks and even visit the renowned Dracula’s Castle nearby. Weekends offer organized day trips, providing immersive experiences in the local culture.

This unique endeavour not only allows you to contribute to the well-being of these bears but also offers a chance to discover the richness of Romanian culture and landscapes. Embrace the opportunity to make a lasting impact and create cherished memories in this picturesque corner of the world.

Internship role

Your primary responsibilities:

  • Food Preparation: Bears require a substantial amount of food to stay healthy, up to 10kg per day. As part of your role, you would be responsible for preparing the bears’ meals. This may involve handling and preparing large quantities of food, which could get messy.
  • Watching the Bear Feeding Process: One of the highlights of the job is observing the bears as they emerge from the undergrowth to eat. This involves monitoring their behaviour during feeding time, which can be a fascinating experience.
  • Bear Watching: Keeping a close eye on the well-being of the bears, especially the newest arrivals, is crucial. This includes observing their adaptation to the new surroundings. Additionally, you get the opportunity to enjoy watching the bears in their natural habitat from vantage points like treetop viewing platforms and underground bunkers.
  • Sanctuary Conservation Work: Apart from bear-specific tasks, there’s a need for general maintenance work within the sanctuary. This may include tasks like raking leaves, gathering hay for quarantine areas, and clearing undergrowth. These activities contribute to the overall upkeep of the sanctuary.
  • Looking After Other Sanctuary Animals: The sanctuary extends its care beyond bears to include other rescued animals like dogs, horses and farm animals. Your responsibilities may involve attending to the needs of these animals, providing them with care and attention.

Working in a bear sanctuary involves a diverse range of tasks, from direct bear care to broader conservation efforts and the well-being of other rescued animals in the sanctuary.

Quick Facts

  • 1-2 weeks with options to extend
  • Airport Transfers and trips to Dracula’s castle available
  • Available starting every Friday throughout the year
  • Based in Brasov in a comfortable volunteer apartment
  • 17+ years for solo travellers
  • 24 hour on site rep with 20 years experience hosting volunteers
  • Prices start from £1245 for one week including accommodation and transfers to the site

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‘Oh where to begin: Oyster Worldwide were brilliant in organising the trip to the Bear Project in Romania and there was great support from both the UK and Romania. I went for 2 weeks. I was given a really useful orientation in Brasov and the Bear Sanctuary prior to helping out there. The flat is situated in the old Town. The flat is fully equipped for cooking and cleaning and really modern and comfortable. It’s easy to find your way around the Old Town and there are many many fantastic restaurants providing both European and local dishes. I thought the prices were very reasonable too. You must try the ice cream (and cakes and stews, pasta dishes and chocolates). I did revisit a couple of restaurants where the food was excellent. Volunteering at the Bear Sanctuary is an absolute joy, there are SO many bears to enjoy. The work involved painting fences, the weather was hot and dry, so ideal for that. I also made Bear ice cream and sorted out the different types of food for the bears. Take old clothes and gloves as you can get a bit messy, part of the fun. The staff at the sanctuary were all very friendly and helpful. Brasov is wonderful, so many beautiful buildings and the Countryside is great. So many trees and open spaces. Bliss. The local people were very friendly and I got to try out my very limited Romanian. It was definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done. I can wholeheartedly recommend it!’ Daphne 2 weeks

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