Job Title:      Animal Care Manager / Assistant Project Manager

Limbe Wildlife Centre, Cameroon      https://limbewildlife.org/helpus/job-vacancies/

Reporting to: LWC Project Manager

Key collaborative staff: LWC Veterinary Team; Animal Care Team; Construction Manager


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

– Health, welfare and nutrition of ~250 animals in close collaboration with the animal care team and veterinarian.
– Ensure effective performance of the animal care team, including national staff and volunteers with regards to animal care.
– Support veterinary team to deliver timely treatment and interventions to sick/injured animals, following existing veterinary standards established by Pandrillus & PASA.
– Ensure proper intake and documentation of animals and adherence to established quarantine procedures.
– Ensure all animal and staff protocols regarding compliance with safety, health and welfare standards.
– Assist PM in preparation and implementation of annual work plans, budgets and reporting.
– Oversee enclosure maintenance, furnishing, enrichment, design, and construction; provide recommendations for improvements reflecting individual species’ needs and ensure necessary implementation and upkeep.
– Oversee volunteer program, including professional behavior on and off site.
– Work with Government of Cameroon representatives, as appropriate.
– Evaluate and review proposed research projects, as needed, and help organize national counterparts for foreign researchers.
– Work with other PASA members in Cameroon to place animals and/or species groups in the appropriate (geographical) rehabilitation program, according to taxonomic principles, in accordance with LWC’s regional focus.


Desired Experience/Qualifications:

– Relevant educational background.
– Extensive captive primate care experience, especially African great apes; experience with primates in the wild and their ecology is valuable.
– Captive care experience with other animals including mammals, birds, reptiles, with focus on rehabilitation, welfare, care and population management.
– Veterinary knowledge is a major plus.
– Experience working in conservation in a habitat country, and practical knowledge of the issues impacting wildlife protection.
– Experience working in a leadership position with a diverse team in crisis-management situations.
– Ability to follow established procedures and protocols.
– Proficiency with Microsoft Office, particularly PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.
– Good communication and writing skills.
– Willingness to conduct oneself in a professional manner in all situations, as fitting a representative of LWC and Pandrillus Cameroon.
– Physically fit and able to work in a tropical climate.
– Fluent English required; French is a major asset.


Remuneration & benefits:

• Accommodation in Limbe provided, including cleaning & security staff.

• $650 per month, daily allowance of 5,000 CFA

• Annual leave of 21 working days

• Annual return flight to home country, after the initial probation period of 6 months



Please apply by email by submitting a cover letter and detailed CV to manager@limbewildlife.org and liza@pandrillus.org

Deadline: 10th July 2022

Your cover letter should:

–             Explain why you feel you should be considered for this post: how you, your skills and your experience fit what we are looking for and would benefit the Limbe Wildlife Centre and its animals.

–             Why you are interested in this opportunity.

–             Your availability and for how long.

*Please also state your COVID vaccination status (we strongly recommend being vaccinated for this position) and your willingness, if selected, to provide results of TB test, HIV test, and proof of Hepatitis B and Diphtheria/tetanus/Polio up to date vaccinations and health check.


About Limbe Wildlife Centre / Pandrillus Foundation

The Limbe Wildlife Centre (LWC) was established in 1993 as a much-needed rescue centre for endangered animals. The centre supports enforcement of Cameroon’s wildlife laws by providing a long-term solution for wildlife that has been poached and held illegally, and subsequently confiscated by our government partners. LWC is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF) and the Pandrillus Foundation, an US non- profit NGO. Public education remains a central pillar of the LWC’s work. We conduct an extensive conservation outreach programme, reaching more than 1,500 schoolchildren, 50,000 visitors and 500 community partners each year.

Currently, we provide care for more than 250 animals, of which 189 are primates, including the critically endangered gorilla, endangered chimpanzees, drills, and red-capped mangabeys.

At LWC we work tirelessly to ensure the survival of every rescued animal in our care, and if possible, to release them back to the wild, to progress species conservation and to help restore local ecosystems in a sustainable way. Each year we release many rehabilitated individuals, including vulnerable Home's ringed tortoises, and have a flagship programme rehabilitating and releasing endangered African grey parrots.