Diving to sample underwater | Methodical internship focus | Several daily month-long activities

Our MARINE BIOLOGY PROGRAM focuses on understanding the marine environment, combining marine biology lessons and underwater sampling enhanced through scuba diving. We have a day-by-day calendar with many activities and training sessions to participate in our ongoing projects. You will be doing fieldwork and sampling in different marine environments, using different scientific methodologies, and always accompanied by a marine biologist and/or PADI professional instructor.

We will provide participants with practicalreal-world experience that complements their academic knowledge. Working in the field and conducting research in marine environments help you to apply theoretical concepts to actual situations.

The idea is to give you a complete experience in Marine Biology, from marine organisms and their ecosystem to their underwater sampling and analysis of data acquired through scuba diving. The field of marine biology is incredibly diverse, covering topics such as marine ecologyconservationmarine mammal behavior, fisheries, and more. With us, you can also get scuba dive certified or continue your education in scuba diving. Our growing Database is, as usual, available for those who are looking into writing an academic/scientific paper. The total time of the program is 4 weeks, can be extended up to 4 months.


Our Marine Biology Program lasts one month with the possibility of extending up to four consecutive months and is designed for both experienced and non-experienced divers. It is an adventure full of learning, laughter and different field work where the intern will learn the basics of marine biologymarine conservation, and scuba diving.

Theoretical lessons are essential to carry out a research project at its best; from the explanation of marine sampling methods to the biology of marine invertebratessea turtles, and fish residing in the Atlantic Ocean up to the observation of data and the drafting of manuscripts.

Within a month, the interns will have acquired the knowledge and skills to collect various data through underwater marine sampling.

This program is designed for those who want to learn to dive in total safety and for those who are already divers but want to deepen their underwater analysis and sampling skills.


SEE YOU DIVING is located at Los Cristianos, on the island of Tenerife (Spain), a few steps from the beach and the port.

The center is equipped with new Cressi diving equipment, a wet zone, a compressor for refilling cylinders, a relaxation area, and a classroom where presentations are held and the collected data are analyzed. Here the theoretical lessons, manuscript writing, and data analysis activities will be carried out, as well as the preparation of the underwater activities.


During your days here we will perform several dives in some of the most beautiful spots in southern Tenerife.
The underwater samplings will be carried out at the Abades diving spot, a marine reserve where boats and dinghies cannot pass, making this place unique and full of marine life.

Here, we will perform an in-depth analysis of the ecosystem created by seagrasses, the lungs of our seas and of the different communities that populate the rocky seabed.
Through the execution of vertical and horizontal transects, combined with photographs and basic knowledge provided during the classroom lessons, you will be able to acquire and process the data.


Our marine biology program is designed to teach young biologists and aspiring divers the basics of marine biology through taking classes, scuba diving, and reviewing data acquired during sampling. We have two main courses: segrass and hard bottom community.

You will learn about:

  • Sampling the Hard- Bottom Communities
  • Sampling the Sea Grass
  • Sharks
  • Marine Algae and Sponges
  • Editing Manuscript and Marine Data
  • Turtles
  • Fish ID
  • Plankton
  • Molluscs Phylum
  • Arthropods Phylum
  • And Much More!


As a marine biology intern you will be responsible for collecting data in the field using different underwater equipment and methods for rock bottom and seagrass sampling. You will have the opportunity to graphically and statistically analyze the data acquired during scuba diving and you will be assisted in drafting your personal scientific manuscript.

You will be able to gain valuable skills and knowledge in a range of sub-topics. You will have the opportunity to write a thesis or scientific publications and increase your skills in the marine conservation sector. You will be followed step by step, from lessons to scuba diving.

Students, recent graduates, and researchers are advised to seek funding from their universities by contacting the International/Placement/Erasmus+ offices of their universities or other scholarship providers


First week

  • 1 Buoyancy dive check
  • 2 shore dives at Abades dive spot
  • 1 Dive Against Debris
  • Presentation of marine farenogams, biological characteristics and sampling methods
  • Presentation on rocky substrate sampling method
  • Lesson on writing a scientific manuscript 
  • Introduction to data analysis using the Excel program

Second week

  • 2 shore dives at Abades dive spot
  • 2 shore dives
  • Plankton collections and Analysis
  • Introduction to rocky bottom communities and resident species on Tenerife

Third week

  • 1 boat dive
  • 2 shore dives at Alcalà
  • 2 shore dives at Abades dive spot
  • 1 night dive
  • 2 Excursions by land at Tenerife south
  • Drafting of the scientific manuscript

Fourth week

  • 2 shore dives at Abades dive spot
  • Questions and clarifications
  • Drafting of the scientific manuscript.


  • 16 Certified scuba dives ( equipment included)
  • Several theoretical lessons in marine biology
  • Hands-on experience
  • Skill Development
  • Career exploration
  • Contribution to Conservation
  • Understanding Conservation Strategies
  • Personal Growth
  • Mentorship and Guidance
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Welcome kit provided by SEE YOU DIVING
  • DAN Annual diving insurance valid worldwide for 1 year
  • Certificate of participation signed and stamped
  • Possible letters of reference if requested by the intern


  • Laptop with Microsoft Excel and Word programs installed
  • Any complete diving equipment if you have it
  • Flip flops and comfortable walking shoes
  • Bathing suit and towel
  • Ecological sunscreen
  • Waterproof bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Bottle of water


  • Diving licence OPEN WATER DIVER. If you don’t have it, you can get certified at SEE YOU DIVING before start the program.
  • Own laptop with WORD and Excel Software.
  • Have an intermediate knowledge of both spoken and written English.
  • Being Healthy and in good physical condition. Medical statement might be required.
  • At least 18 years old.



Write an email to seeyoudivingtenerife@gmail.com and get your private online interview.

Only 8 spaces are available. A minimum of  2 participants is necessary.

Duration, Dates & Costs

Duration of fieldwork:
4-16 weeks

Start Dates:

First Semester 2024

4/3/2024 – 29/3/2024
1/4/2024 – 26/4/2024
29/4/2024 – 24/5/2024
27/5/2024 – 21/6/2024

Second Semester 2024

5/8/2024 – 30/8/2024
2/9/2024 – 27/9/2024
30/9/2024 – 25/10/2024
28/10/2024 – 22/11/202024


4 weeks: € 1250

8 weeks: € 2450

12weeks : €3650

16 weeks: €4850

*Flights and accommodation not included*

Ask us for accommodation options, we have special prices for our interns

About See You Diving Tenerife

We’re a family diving center specializing in Marine Biology internships. Led by a marine biologist, our strengths include

1) Expertise in scuba diving and underwater sampling,

2) Personalized attention with a focus on one-on-one internships, and

3) A dynamic array of daily activities over a month-long program.