About Project Laut

Project Laut is a pioneering force in marine conservation, with a dedicated focus on the identification and protection of endangered turtle species. Nestled in a biodiversity hotspot in Nusa Penida, Bali, we are deeply committed to the preservation and restoration of our world’s crucial underwater ecosystems.

Our mission centers on the study and protection of Hawksbill and Green turtles, both of which face the risk of extinction. Our primary work involves identifying and catalogueing these majestic creatures through photo-identification capture-mark-recapture studies. This essential research helps us understand more about the turtles that call Penida home and informs our conservation strategies.

In addition to our turtle research, we are actively involved in coral rehabilitation, following the Mars Assisted Reef Recovery System (MARRS). We work tirelessly to restore damaged areas around the island, aiming to replenish the marine habitats that our turtles and countless other species rely on.

Founded by a passionate team of marine biologists, divers, and ocean enthusiasts, Project Laut is a hive of collaboration and innovation. We work alongside local communities, government agencies, NGOs, and private enterprises bridging the gap between scientific research, policy making, and hands-on conservation efforts.

Our team, composed of international experts and local talent, is united by a shared dedication to marine conservation. We offer unique internships, providing an unparalleled opportunity for hands-on experience in marine biology and conservation work.

Join us at Project Laut, and contribute to our mission of protecting and restoring the world’s precious marine biodiversity. Together, we can ensure a thriving future for our ocean and its inhabitants.

Why Us

Choosing Project Laut means becoming part of a team that is making a direct impact on the preservation of endangered turtle species and the restoration of crucial coral habitats.

We are on the front lines of marine conservation in Penida, a region home to the critically endangered Hawksbill and Green turtles. Our unique focus on photo-identification capture-mark-recapture studies offers a rare opportunity to contribute to meaningful research that enhances our understanding of these turtles and informs vital conservation strategies.

In addition to our pioneering turtle research, we are at the forefront of coral rehabilitation. Following the Mars Assisted Reef Recovery System (MARRS), we help restore and rejuvenate damaged marine ecosystems around the island.

Our internships offer not just hands-on experience but a chance to make a tangible difference in the world of marine conservation. We provide a supportive, collaborative environment where you can gain professional skills while contributing to the protection of our precious oceans.

Choose Project Laut, and join us in shaping a future where marine life thrives and biodiversity flourishes.

What We Do

At Project Laut, our work revolves around two interconnected pillars: turtle identification and coral rehabilitation.

  1. Turtle Identification: We focus on the identification and cataloguing of endangered Hawksbill and Green turtles through photo-analysis and capture-mark-recapture studies. This practice allows us to gain crucial insights into Penida’s turtle population, helping us protect these species more effectively.
  2. Coral Rehabilitation: Parallel to our turtle research, we actively participate in coral rehabilitation using the Mars Assisted Reef Recovery System (MARRS). This helps restore damaged marine habitats that are vital to the survival of the turtles and numerous other marine species.

These two components of our work are interconnected and mutually reinforcing, creating a comprehensive approach to conservation. Through our research and rehabilitation efforts, we provide valuable data to stakeholders and Marine Protected Area (MPA) authorities. This informs and guides their conservation strategies, ensuring the protection efforts are data-driven and effective.

By joining Project Laut, you contribute directly to these critical areas of marine conservation.

About The Internship

At Project Laut, our uniquely designed internship is more than just an introduction to marine conservation. It’s a transformative experience that equips you with the skills and knowledge to confidently contribute to underwater research and marine conservation efforts.

Running 5 days a week from Tuesday to Saturday, the program is a fusion of diving days, educational classroom sessions, and shore dives. Interns can anticipate 7-9 dives per week, with additional opportunities to join and collect turtle data when there’s space on our boat during ‘off’ days.

Understanding that diving is not just a recreational activity but a crucial tool for underwater research, we place a strong emphasis on high-quality dive training. Our curriculum also includes three SSI ecology specialties:

  1. Sea Turtle Ecology
  2. Coral Ecology
  3. Manta & Ray Ecology

To complement this, we host a range of workshops to further develop your skills and understanding of marine conservation, encompassing areas such as knot tying, multi-level diving, advanced fin techniques, dive briefing & guiding, career counseling, student-led presentations & projects, equipment servicing, advanced dive theory & planning, and comprehensive marine conservation training.

At Project Laut, we pride ourselves on being a career stepping stone. Many of our graduates leverage their experience with us to secure influential positions in their future careers, both in academia and professional fields. The time spent at Project Laut can become a defining part of your journey towards contributing to marine conservation.

Life At Project Laut

Welcome to Project Laut, located on the stunning island of Nusa Penida, a mere 30-minute ferry ride from mainland Bali. Our partnering dive center, Nomads Diving Penida, is a beachfront paradise equipped with two boats, a large training pool, and high-speed Wi-Fi to ensure your time with us is as comfortable and efficient as possible.

The team at Project Laut consists of 5 dedicated staff members who will guide and assist you throughout your internship. In addition, Nomads Diving Penida boasts around 10 staff members who are always on hand to ensure your diving experiences are safe and enjoyable.

Diving in Nusa Penida offers a unique set of challenges and rewards. Our oceanic backyard is home to pristine reefs, year-round manta rays, seasonal mola molas (June-October), and a high abundance of critically endangered sea turtles. The water here teems with life, driven by strong currents and cold, nutrient-rich water that fuels the vibrant underwater ecosystem.

The diving conditions vary seasonally, with water temperatures ranging from 28-30 degrees Celsius from November to May, and dropping to a brisk 15-25 degrees Celsius from June to October. The northern and eastern coasts are dominated by currents year-round, while the southern coast is influenced by swells.

When you’re not under the water, you’ll find that Nusa Penida offers a delightful blend of natural beauty and modern amenities. With a wide array of restaurants, breathtaking viewpoints, and tourist attractions, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy island life. For those seeking a little extra adventure, the nearby islands of Lembongan and the bustling tourism hub of mainland Bali are just a short ride away. Here at Project Laut, we offer not just a unique learning experience, but a lifestyle steeped in natural beauty and cultural richness.

Packages and Program Fees

At Project Laut, we sustain our conservation efforts through the funds generated from our internship program. By joining our program, interns are directly funding conservation projects around the island. The program fee, or tuition, is divided into five different packages according to the intern’s current level of diving proficiency.

**Package 1: Dive Master** 

This 8-week package is priced at 40,000,000 IDR. Candidates need to have completed their SSI Stress & Rescue certificate and React Right with Oxygen Provider (or equivalent). The package includes the SSI Divemaster course, SSI Marine Ecology certifications, and participation in both the turtle capture-mark-recapture study and coral rehabilitation.

**Package 2: Rescuer**

This 10-week package is available for 48,000,000 IDR. Candidates must have completed their SSI Advanced Adventurer (or equivalent). The package includes the SSI Divemaster course, SSI Stress & Rescue, React Right with Oxygen Provider, SSI Marine Ecology certifications, and participation in both the turtle capture-mark-recapture study and coral rehabilitation.

**Package 3: Advanced** 

Priced at 56,000,000 IDR, this 12-week package is designed for candidates who have completed their SSI Open Water Diver (or equivalent). The package includes the SSI Divemaster course, SSI Stress & Rescue, React Right with Oxygen Provider, SSI Advanced Adventurer, SSI Marine Ecology certifications, and participation in both the turtle capture-mark-recapture study and coral rehabilitation.

**Package 4: Zero-To-Hero** 

For those who are comfortable in the water and can tread water for 10 minutes, as well as swim 400 meters untimed, we offer the 14-week Zero-To-Hero package at 67,000,000 IDR. The package includes the SSI Divemaster course, SSI Stress & Rescue, React Right with Oxygen Provider, SSI Advanced Adventurer, SSI Open Water Diver, SSI Marine Ecology certifications, and participation in both the turtle capture-mark-recapture study and coral rehabilitation.

**Package 5: Research Diver**

Finally, our 8-week Research Diver package is available for 25,000,000 IDR. Candidates need to have completed a minimum of SSI Stress & Rescue (or equivalent) and have 60 logged dives. Competent diving skills are a prerequisite to join under this category. The package includes SSI Marine Ecology certifications and participation in both the turtle capture-mark-recapture study and coral rehabilitation.

Additional Weeks

If interns wish to extend their time at Project Laut, additional weeks can be added onto any of the packages at an extra cost of 4,000,000 IDR per week.

What’s Included

In addition to the recreational and professional courses mentioned above, all programs include:

  • Accommodation in Private Bungalow (fully covered during low season, partially covered during high season)
  • Transportation from Denpasar airport to Nusa Penida headquarters
  • Lunch on diving days
  • 7-10 dives per week
  • 3 SSI Ecology Specialty Certifications
  • Access to pre-arrival training material
  • Program T-shirts
  • Pre-arrival support (VISA counselling, flight bookings, logistics, etc)

Not included

  • Flights, travel & VISA costs
  • Travel & dive insurance
  • In country spending money (IDR)
  • Meals (except boat days)
  • Equipment rental (1,500,000IDR/month)
  • Marine Park fees (600,000/person)


Find out what our graduates are saying about us on our GoOverseas [Internship Provider page](https://www.gooverseas.com/internships-abroad/indonesia/program/269022#program–reviews)


For more insights into the experiences and post-internship paths of Project Laut alumni, prospective interns can visit the [Graduates page](https://projectlaut.org/get-involved/#Graduates) on the Project Laut website. By clicking on the photos of the graduates, you will be directed to their Instagram pages, where you can explore their current activities and achievements.

Apply Now for Project Laut Internship

Dive into an immersive experience with Project Laut in Bali, Indonesia. Engage in impactful marine research, obtain internationally recognized certifications, and immerse yourself in the world of marine conservation with our dedicated team.

**Rolling Intake Dates**

We offer rolling intake dates to accommodate various schedules and experiences. Exact arrival times are coordinated individually to integrate you smoothly into our ongoing projects.

**How to Apply**

Start by applying online directly on our website at www.projectlaut.org or reach us at infoprojectlaut@gmail.com. After submitting your application, please allow a 2-3 week period for processing. If accepted, a 50% deposit will be required to secure your spot.

**Pre-Arrival Support**

Once your spot is confirmed and the deposit is made, we’ll send you pre-arrival training materials to prepare you for your internship. Our team will also assist with the logistics of your arrival, ensuring a smooth transition into the Project Laut community.

**Apply Early**

Our spots typically fill up 6 months in advance, with occasional last-minute openings. Apply early to secure your position and embark on this transformative journey.

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