Our Organisation

Welcome to Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC). We are a conservation group and Marine Research Centre based in Kep Province, Cambodia. We are situated on the island Koh Ach Seh which is 13km from the mainland town of Kep. By joining MCC you will become part of our international team, dedicated to protecting the Kep Archipelago. You will gain knowledge on local fishing communities and ecosystems. In a very threatened environment, you will dedicate yourself to protect this unique ecosystem.

The Project

The Marine Harvesting Network is a project to monitor and research fishing efforts in the Kep Archipelago. By providing scientific data for governmental authorities, MCC aims to document and combat illegal fishing activities (IUU) to support small-scale fishing communities.

Why Marine Conservation Cambodia?

Are you tired of witnessing the destruction of the world’s ocean, but do not yet know how you can make a difference? Do you want to be part of pioneering scientific research with the option to conduct your own research within the field? Do you want to take direct hands on action? Well you have found us! That is what we are doing on a daily basis, and we need you!

If you…

  • Are dedicated and passionate about marine-wildlife conservation
  • Have affinity and experience with emerging technologies in the wildlife sector such as
    • Drones (preferred certified to operate)
    • Boat radars (Simrad technology)
    • Software such as QGIS, RStudio or equivalent (Data-processing and analysis)
  • Higher education (BSc.+), scientific background would be beneficial but is not compulsory- your motivation, team spirit and willingness to make a change counts
  • Equivalent experience in wildlife criminology, military- or other law-enforcement
  • Adaptable to remote living conditions in a small, family-like team
  • Scuba-diving, teaching and other marine related experience is a plus

Download a copy of the job description

You can be the difference!

To apply, send an email with your CV and cover letter to:
Alissa Böhm, alissa.boehm@googlemail.com