Join in our newest interactive series highlighting diverse professionals in STEM careers called Not All Scientists Wear Lab Coats: A WCS Global Scientist Series. In each session, you’ll learn about a different conservation issue, meet a Wildlife Conservation Society staff member actively working on solutions, and discover how their unique pathway to a STEM career was influenced by their identity. Sessions are remote.

Celebrating World Pangolin Day


TIME: 5:30 – 7:00 P.M. EST

PRICE: $12 members / $15 non-members


The intersections of law and conservation are of particular interest to Mridula Vijairaghavan, Legal Director of WCS India. Working in a region that sees too much illegal trade of endangered animals such as pangolins and tiger products, Mridula will discuss the importance of science translating into policy and better implementation of existing law and policy as measures for conservation. She says, “experiences from my childhood and formative years pushed me to take environmental law up as a career.” Tune in as we learn more about her path towards this career, celebrate World Pangolin Day, and explore why conservation really needs a strong interdisciplinary approach to have a chance at creating impact.


Celebrating World Frog Day

DATE: MARCH 18, 2021

TIME: 5:30 – 7:00 P.M. EST

PRICE: $12 members / $15 non-members

GUEST SPEAKER: Yovana Murillo of WCS in Andes Amazon and Orinoco Region

Frogs are one of many highly trafficked wildlife groups often used in the pet trade and for consumption. As a leader and coordinator of the first WCS Combating Wildlife Trafficking Initiative in the Andes Amazon Orinoco region, Yovana Murillo’s principal motivation “is contributing positive changes for our environment and wild species.” While authorities carry out some actions, the role of citizens in prevention is essential. Yovana will reflect on how her multilingual, Peruvian veterinarian background has committed her passions to wild animal conservation for the last ten years. To celebrate World Frog Day, join us in exploring the need to reduce wildlife trafficking.


Celebrating Migratory Bird Day

DATE: MAY 13, 2021

TIME: 5:30 – 7:00 P.M. EST


PRICE: $12 members / $15 non-members

GUEST SPEAKER: Dr. Rebecca McGuire of WCS Artic Beringia

Birding for many of us means spotting a life bird, snapping a photo, and entering it and a count into an app. Our guest Rebecca McGuire, Avian Ecologist of WCS Arctic Beringia Program, grew up in the wilderness of rural Alaska, without electricity or running water, and learned from books and observation of wildlife. That is where her appreciation for migratory birds of the tundra regions flourished. Join us for activities and a discussion in celebration of Migratory Bird Day! We will discuss the significance of tracking systems, Rebecca’s conservation identity story, and her experience “counting eiders migrating past while on the pack ice at the absolute edge of North America with polar bears appearing as if by magic every time I scanned the ice around me.”


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