Sharklife works to address the alarming exploitation of both shark populations and ocean fisheries in South African waters. Our intern programs aim to nurture shark conservation ambassadors through knowledge developmenthands-on training and many hours on the ocean encountering a multitude of marine wildlife. We offer 2 week, 1 month and 3 month internships throughout the year.

Key Benefits:

  • Get close to sharks
  • Get an accredited Freediving certification
  • Assist with marine research projects
  • Develop seamanship skills
  • Examine real shark and ray specimens
  • Encounter diverse marine mega fauna
  • Dive in warm clear ocean environments
  • Visit nearby Big 5 Game Reserves (optional extra +-$100)
  • Study in a World Heritage Site
  • Support a long standing non-profit shark conservation organisation

Program Components:

The core two week program consists of four main components which build your knowledge and skills through theory, practical exercises and time in the ocean.  If you decide to stay longer (see program details below) you will become more involved in research projects and given more responsibilities in day to day activities.

  1. Theory Sessions – shark species fundamentals, shark conservation tactics, diving with sharks
  2. Lab Practical Sessions – anatomical features of sharks and rays, various tagging techniques, specimen sampling techniques
  3. Ocean Practical Sessions – freediving skill development (certification), boating and beach logistics, shark encounter experience, research data collection
  4. Assessment Sessions – species presentations, conservation project abstracts, final exams, shark ID drill

Additional activities are varied depending on current programs at the Sharklife Ocean Center.

  • Assist with educating local school groups
  • Develop displays for the shark museum
  • Maintain research equipment
  • Catalog museum specimens
  • Collate and input research data

For programme details, dates and costs please visit https://www.sharklife.co.za/index.php/internships.