The desert elephant conservation project gives you an insight into Namibia and its breathtaking nature and wildlife. While being involved in protecting the endangered desert elephant in Namibia’s Damaraland, you will experience intense moments in the wild, spending nights under the stars in apparently endless landscapes and becoming acquainted with the culture and nature of the country. 


The wildlife conservation project unfolds its work in north-western Namibia: Damaraland. It is a sparsely populated area, which is home to fascinating plants and animals. It is a challenge for man and nature to survive in the dry conditions and to wrest the few resources from the barren land – this often leads to conflicts between local inhabitants and wildlife. Especially during the dry season, life in Damaraland is largely dependent on the few water springs. In their desperate daily quest for water the desert elephants sometimes destroy the farmers’ homes and wells to access the springs that have been taken over by man. During the inhabitants’ attempts to scare the animals off, elephants sometimes get severely hurt – the Human Wildlife Conflict is a challenge.

To ensure that the desert elephant can roam through Namibia’s Damaraland for years to come, the project aims at creating a balance which meets the needs of both humans and animals. In order to do so, it requires the help of dedicated volunteers. As a volunteer you’ll be involved in building protective walls around water holes, accessing new water sources for the animals and helping the farmers with development aid, schooling and training. Moreover, you will dedicate yourself to tracking the elephants and collecting important data about movement patterns, behaviour and population levels. 


During the so-called “Building Unit” you will live in a base camp close to your working site. Here you sleep in tents or under the open sky. During the “Patrol Week” you will pitch a mobile camp in various places, enabling you to discover all facets of the country. Your team will take turns in preparing the daily meals.


“During your time as a volunteer you get to know yourself differently. You improvise and finally return home with lots of priceless experiences, hoping to repeat this one day.” (Alice, 56 years)


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About us

NATUCATE is a German agency, specialized in voluntary work, field guide training, nature-oriented educational courses and internships with a focus on nature and species conservation as well as animal protection. Moreover, we create and organize individual sabbaticals; commitment for nature conservation and personal development being in the centre. Sustainable and responsible traveling, so-called ecotourism, as well as nature and adventure travel are further areas of expertise.

Our projects, courses and tours, fulfilling high sustainability standards, enable people – from graduates to best agers – to make an active contribution to protecting and conserving endangered species and ecosystems and, at the same time, to broaden their personal horizon. 

Dates, Services, Cost


The project runs all year round, with a break over Christmas and New Year. Start dates are every other Monday.


  • Placement in the project
  • Assistance with travel arrangements
  • Assistance with selecting travel insurance
  • Assistance with booking flights
  • Pre-departure information pack
  • Risk coverage certificate
  • Accommodation during the project
  • All meals during the project
  • Project-related transport
  • English-speaking support by long-term experienced staff
  • 24/7-support throughout the project


  • 12 days: 1.200 EUR
  • 24 days: 2.000 EUR
  • 36 days: 2.700 EUR
  • 48 days: 3.250 EUR
  • 60 days: 3.750 EUR
  • 72 days: 4.250 EUR

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