The Colorado Natural Heritage Program (CNHP) is seeking experienced field technicians to collect wetland botany and condition assessment data for a targeted inventory of Colorado plains ground water dependent wetlands (GDEs), with funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Successful applicants will collect valuable wetland field data on groundwater-dependent wetland ecosystems in this region to inform their management and conservation needs.

The 4-person field crew will be based out of Fort Collins, CO and will depart to/from the base location for each field session (hitch) for fieldwork in wetlands on public and private lands throughout the eastern plains of Colorado. The work schedule varies between 8/6 and 4/3 on/off day hitches with approximately ~10-hour days. The crew will often car camp during hitches, except for when sites are close to Fort Collins. The crew will survey wetlands in teams
of two with rotating partners. The first workweek is for trainings based in Fort Collins with 8-hour days, and there will be approximately 1 office workday in Fort Collins every two weeks during the summer.

The Crew Lead will begin office work in advance of the field season in Fort Collins to prepare field season logistics, contact landowners and partners to establish site access, schedule hitch details, review site aerial imagery and prepare field maps, and prepare field supplies, etc.

Crew lead is also responsible for supporting and reporting on crew safety and morale, coordinating and delegating field survey logistics, and maintaining data organization and reviewing data quality.

Qualifications, Experience and Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree completion by start date. (Master’s degree preferred but not required for Crew Lead.)
  • Botany and ecology coursework or botany field experience. (Experience with both preferred but not required.)
  • Minimum of 1 season of field work experience (excluding field courses).
  • Experience using dichotomous keys to identify unknown plants to species.
  • Outdoor experience in harsh environments, ability to hike to field sites (up to 6+ miles) and to camp and work
    with crew for up to 7 days in a row in the heat while maintaining a teamwork attitude and commitment to safety.
  • Careful attention to detail to complete 20-pg field forms.
  • A valid driver’s license and ability to safely drive on dirt roads.
  • Multiple seasons botany or ecology field work, some wetland or riparian experience, and strong botany skills.
  • Leadership and/or team-building experience, strong verbal communication skills, and ability to multitask and delegate project tasks.
  • Knowledge of wetland, riparian, or watershed ecology from related coursework and/or field work.
  • Landscape condition or habitat assessment experience.
  • Knowledge of wetland plant species, Colorado or Plains flora, and familiarity with the major plant families.
  • Experience aerial photography and topographic map navigation preferred for all positions (required for crew lead). Experience with ArcGIS software preferred for crew lead position.